Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On the Canyon Oaks Project

‘Open space’ grab

In short, a developer with a 3-acre piece of property that abuts Price Canyon Road and looks directly into the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. storage yard wants the city to swap his property with 6-plus acres of lush, green, oak-studded canyon property called Canyon Oaks, which has an “open space” designation.

For pictures that tell the story, go to www.WeLovePismo Beach.org.

But that’s not all. The developer wants to divide this Canyon Oaks 6-plus acre “open space” property into 25 lots, build five homes and then simply sell the other lots.

Remember, this is “open space.”

The applicant is requesting two general plan amendments, two zoning amendments and other changes necessary to swap these properties for his benefit. Believe me, it’s not the city of Pismo Beach or the residents around the canyon who will benefit.

Once open space is gone, it’s gone. Don’t let this developer set a precedent for selfishly grabbing and developing our precious “open space.” Please, come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., and let your voice be heard!

Robert Kramb

Pismo Beach

Protest to council

Just when you think the city of Pismo Beach took the high road and rejected the proposed Canyon Oaks project, someone “flip-flopped,” and we’re back to square one. What a waste of time and energy to once again accommodate the greedy developer’s interests.

The developers already have an approved 24-unit residential project on land they own along Price Canyon Road. In a second attempt to sway the Planning Commission and the City Council, they want to swap it for a beautiful canyon, studded with oak trees and an unspoiled habitat that is designated as “open space.”

If you care about retaining the character of Pismo Beach, protecting open space and adhering to the tenants of the General Plan, contact the Pismo Beach Planning Commission and City Council members. Let your voice be heard.

Mark Schmitt

Pismo Beach

Go to meeting

Most of the residents of Pismo Beach are not aware of the proposed Canyon Oaks development in designated open space. This proposed development will be the subject of the City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at 760 Mattie Road. Those who have an interest in open space are encouraged to attend.

Richard Foster

Pismo Beach