Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/2

Bag overreaction

To Tami Dennis of the Los Angles Times, regarding her article titled, “Reusable bags can be a bacteria playground” (June 25):

Are we not going a little too far with all the hysteria concerning bacteria and germs? I use the clear plastic individual bags provided by the produce, meat and deli departments of most grocery chains to pack my vegetables, fruits and meats.

So how can I possibly contaminate my reusable bag, except perhaps with the “drippings” from dairy products?

I would think the esteemed researchers could find more reasonable warnings for the consumers.

Margit Sparks

Morro Bay

Time to wake up

After years of raging screeds about government interference in business with those pesky safety and environmental inspections, now we are subjected to whines about government’s lack of response and oversight.

Cheney’s crusaders infected the government by re-writing contracts’ quality assurance, safety, proper materials, supplies and operations provisions;

refusing to regulate; and replacing competent suppliers with political hacks. Once again, we see the results of that toxic anti-government idiocy.

Many are grateful that it hasn’t happened to them. But look again.

This pathology is actually festering throughout the country. The recent Wall Street crimes against the public are a necessary result. Our murderous medical insurance and drug industries operate with the identical methodology. Same with credit card and mortgage industries. How about unregulated mining, logging and banking?

They whine about the regulations they do have, but continue to reap trillions off the public commons. It’s legalized extortion. Here’s one for you: Google “401(k) hidden fees” and sit back for a blood-boiling surprise.

We get an avalanche of distractions Republicans call “values”: gay marriage, illegal immigration, abortion and worst of all “socialism.” The willfully uninformed, emotional malcontents lap it up. They invent a “liberal press” to inoculate themselves against the truth getting out. Are we going to wake up in time?

Charlie Lawrence

Paso Robles

Back to part-time

California legislators are rapidly building a case for return to part-time status. The more than 40 lawmakers who signed Senate Concurrent Resolution SCR 113 proved that they have way, way too much time on their hands.

Do Gil Cedillo and the more than 40 California lawmakers not think Arizonians can sort out their own affairs? Do Californians really want to pay California officials to govern Arizona, too?

We pay more than $95,000 a year ($17,000 more than any other state) for these fine folks to govern California. Perhaps kind Arizonians should send some funds to California out of gratitude!

Only seven states pay for unlimited, full-time lawmakers. I urge Californians to change that to six states!

Dennis Wormley

Baywood Park

Bravo? No

Rene Bravo’s letter (“Homeless impact,” June 26) reads like NIMBY. Sorry, no “bravo!” for Bravo.

Judith E. Zaretzka

Arroyo Grande

Too late

I agree with your editorial asking that Fossil Point be preserved for noncommercial use (“Resort isn’t right fit for Fossil Point,” June 28). Unfortunately, you are a little late. The once magical town of Avila Beach has already been flushed down the toilet by developers.

Kip Chase

San Luis Obispo

Mea culpa

Sorry, Arroyo Grande, for the mistake in my June 30 letter to the editor, “Waste of money.” I meant Grover Beach’s work on Grand Avenue between 4th Street and Highway 1.

Mark Wild

Pismo Beach