Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/29

Voters will remember

I had the privilege to go to the recent City Council meeting in Grover Beach. At the meeting, there was a roomful of residents concerned about the water increase in Grover Beach. What I saw was people who can’t afford the increase voicing their feelings and concerns.

As a citizen, I’m concerned that the water rates will go up. Yes, we’re in an economic crisis, and the city has no money and needs its revenue to cover their budget and make up for loss. But raising water rates isn’t the answer.

People are hurting in this town, and families can’t afford the increase along with their regular bills and taking care of their families. There are other ways to increase that revenue, and one is the most obvious: Our businesses in this town are dropping like flies. We need to improve the new businesses in this town to get that revenue.

Any elected official in any town who decides to raise water rates may not earn votes in the next election.

Remember, elected officials: The voters know what you vote for, and if you vote for this, you’ll see the impact in November.

Joseph Holmes

Grover Beach

Anthem issues

In regard to Lem Hair’s letter about the anthem being murdered by Christina Aguilera, I, too, dislike the anthem being butchered like beef (“Murdered anthem,” June 26). I attended a baseball game at Sinsheimer ball park recently and heard two young ladies by the names of Lacey McNamara and Danielle Dutro sing the anthem, and I will tell you, they were as good as any professional I have ever heard.

Give yourself a treat, find out from the Blues baseball team organization the next time these two young ladies will sing the anthem, and take in a ball game at Sinsheimer to hear them sing. They were great.

Harold Glasco

Paso Robles

Pipeline fiasco

I have resided in Paso Robles for 20 years, and I can surely support my local City Council on most issues. However, some citizens of Paso Robles are very dissatisfied with the way our current City Council has handled the Nacimiento water project.

If this current City Council would have followed the good example of our City Council back in 1998, measure D-98, we would not be in this current Nacimiento water pipeline fiasco.

We are not being run as a democracy, but as an oligarchy led by a few unelected public employees and elected businessmen. Even though the mayor and councilmen let the public vent at the bimonthly City Council meetings, the council seems not to listen and at times displays extreme arrogance and impatience with the citizens.

The public needs to know that a treatment plant hasn’t been built yet to filter Nacimiento Lake water. So lake water will not be flowing to Paso Robles water customers until then. Are you willing to pay for a commodity that you are not receiving? The answer is “no!”

We did not give the City Council a blank check for approximately $220 million to spend without voter approval.

Noel Foerst

Paso Robles