Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/28

Why so gung-ho?

With regard to Bob Cuddy’s column concerning Samantha McTighe’s vision for South County (“A fascinating vision for the South County,” June 13): At the end, Cuddy asks, “Are there any takers?”

My answer is, I sure hope not. What is wrong with the Five Cities growing slowly? It seems that a lot of people are gung-ho and want to build, build and build some more. Why?

What is wrong with wanting to keep our area small and family-oriented and to not build to bring tourists? Yes, I understand that this area relies on tourist business, but there has to be a line drawn between locals and tourists.

There are very sane reasons why people want to live here. Granted, I wasn’t born here, but I have vacationed here since 1962, until my family bought property and we moved here in 1977. The peace and tranquility was wonderful.I disagree with McTighe’s “vision” for Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach, and I think it would be outrageous and bad for those of us who live here permanently.

Of the two “M” towns, I would take Mayberry over Malibu.

C.J. Cochran

Arroyo Grande

Help the homeless

Thank you for Bob Cuddy’s article, “Homeless care criticized” (June 17). I have been homeless several times in my life — as a runaway teenager to escape domestic violence, a divorced parent between jobs, a graduate student with lack of affordable housing and while waiting to obtain subsidized housing while on disability.

Fortunately, people in San Luis Obispo are genuinely concerned about coming up with solutions. However, when there are 3,800 people without a place to sleep and only a few hundred shelter beds, giving tickets for “illegal camping” is ridiculous.

Homelessness needs to be decriminalized — there are models of “homeless courts” in San Diego and Los Angeles. Before the new Homeless Services Campus is built, ideas like Santa Barbara’s overnight parking lots for homeless people in their vehicles and Ventura’s “River Haven” tent city could be put in place.

The creation of peer mentorship programs would be helpful to match those who have been homeless with those who are currently without housing.

Homeless children and mentally ill adults are societal neglect, bordering on abuse.

A local event is planned for Oct. 10 for World Homeless Day. Volunteers who have experience with homelessness are needed.

For more information, please contact me at commongroundworldwide@live.com

The Rev. Cynthia Eastman

San Luis Obispo

Adjusting priorities

Thank you for publishing Bill Morem’s column regarding the loss of the Ride-On service for veterans needing to connect to a bus to go to the VA hospitals in Los Angeles (“Put your money where your sticker is,” June 17). This much-needed and deserved assistance will fold because of a lack of $26,000 to keep it going.

We must keep everything in perspective. Please consider the following two facts:

(1) Nancy Pelosi’s rent for her plush new San Francisco office will cost taxpayers $18,736 per month. Veterans must understand the priorities.

(2) Pelosi spent, over the last two accounting years, $2.1 million on airfare, food and alcohol for herself and often for her family, so she could conduct important business for us, including the veterans, while away from her Washington, D.C., office. About $101,000 of this was for “in-flight services,” such as food and drink for herself and invited family and guests while in flight on Air Force planes. These figures were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch.Veterans must understand the priorities.

Along with contacting Reps. Lois Capps and Kevin McCarthy, citizens may wish to contact Pelosi to ask her to adjust her priorities.

Ruth and Elmer Smith

San Luis Obispo

Barbara Boxer cares

The Tribune front page headline, “Business and politics mix on GOP side” (June 14), restores my faith that the truth will come out with this statement from the article: “In Washington, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was quick to note that [Carly] Fiorina laid off 32,000 workers when she led Hewlett-Packard and then collected a $42 million golden parachute when she was fired.”

How can someone who has cost California 32,000 jobs say she is a leader? Also, I have heard that Fiorina has not campaigned in the Silicon Valley, as they are well-aware of the jobs lost because of her leadership.

Be smart and vote for Barbara Boxer, who truly cares for Californians and their families.

Fran Valadez

Grover Beach

Support Kids 4 Kures

Remember the name Emily Flachman. This young student is destined to make a big change in the world!

Flachman is a student at C.E. Teach Elementary School and the founder of Kids 4 Kures (“Good News!” June 19). She and her school friends recently held a fundraiser at a local restaurant for her nonprofit organization.

Flachman was motivated to start this program as a “community action” project encouraged by the teachers at her school. I have had the pleasure of working with Teach Elementary School for the past 17 years with my company, and I am very impressed that its curriculum includes community involvement.

Many of the students select projects that have made great changes in our community, but Flachman took it one step further and has expanded her mission to a much larger scale.

I encourage everyone to visit Kids 4 Kures at http://kids4kures.org and see how you can help Flachman’s program to support cancer charities.

And remember her name, as I am sure she will become a CEO of some large organization one day!

Julie London

Arroyo Grande

A better Grand Ave.

Kudos to Samantha McTighe for her foresighted vision for Grand Avenue in South County (“A fascinating vision for the South County,” June 13).

My husband and I, residents of Arroyo Grande, were just eating outside at Branch Street Deli on a Saturday night by ourselves. A town with as much character as Arroyo Grande needs to be more pedestrian- and tourist-friendly, and McTighe puts forth some wonderful suggestions.

Her ideas for better public transportation and welcoming storefronts will increase income for local businesses and help us all to be a little more green. My only addition would be to add more bike and hike trails, like the Bob Jones bike trail in Avila Beach.

Although McTighe’s method seems overwhelming and expensive, taking it one project at a time might mean a better future for us all. I just hope some of the people who can make it happen are listening.

Kristen Crocker

Arroyo Grande