Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/27

Outsourced eating

Upon returning home from my grocery shopping, I discovered that a small package of garlic that I had purchased was a product of China! Hard to believe that even the lowly garlic does not escape the outsourcing greed of marketing.

R.A. Zuech

San Luis Obispo

Adopt a kitten

Recently, I decided to be a good citizen and adopt a kitten from San Luis Obispo County Animal Services. I was appalled at the explosion of kittens hoping for homes.

Kittens were stuffed three to four in a cage with more arriving daily. Adult cats were in jeopardy of euthanasia due to a simple lack of space.

For $70, you can adopt a kitten that is neutered/spayed, eligible for free vaccinations and leukemia testing and has a microchip for identification. This is a bargain, saving you at least $75 if you had this done independently.

Please, if you want a kitten, do not take a free one. Remember, “Nothing is free.”

Meg Korgan


Let’s debate

I would like to offer my deepest appreciation to the voters and our incredible volunteers for providing me with the honor and privilege of continuing to campaign to serve as your sheriff. I’m grateful for your support and for an even greater understanding about what makes this county so special.

We began this journey a year ago and believed this campaign would be about education, experience, accomplishments and trust, and those core tenets will continue to guide us. We’ve worked hard to share our message throughout the county and to learn from you how I can best meet your needs as sheriff.

There were many exceptional candidates to choose from, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to know each of them. I now ask that you allow me an opportunity to earn your trust and support.

Tremendous differences exist between myself and my opponent, and I will do all that I can to ensure voters understand what each of us brings to the table. I challenge my opponent to a series of debates to be moderated by the League of Women Voters and/or our local media to put the public in the best position for selecting our next sheriff.

Joe Cortez

Candidate for sheriff

A proud ceremony

I read and agreed with Dan Carpenter’s letter regarding the Cal Poly graduation this year (“Grad event changes,” June 19). I think it is disgraceful to show disrespect during the national anthem and, furthermore, not to acknowledge our military during the ceremony.

Let me contrast his experience at the Cal Poly graduation with mine at the Templeton High School graduation held June 10. Everyone stood as the national anthem was sung by a graduating student with a beautiful voice.

Not a single other voice could be heard but hers, and everyone stood with hands over hearts. Then, during a wonderful speech given by the class valedictorian, he not only acknowledged the graduates headed off to college and the workforce but also asked that the students headed into the military stand and be recognized.

When at least half a dozen students stood proud, the entire crowd of hundreds of people erupted into applause. I was so proud to be there in that community at that moment. Carpenter, Templeton has what you were looking for in a graduation ceremony, and you are more than welcome to come to our graduation next year.

Come early, the place fills up fast.

Mark Anselmi


PG&E’s misconduct

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is not content with raiding its ratepayers’ pocketbooks for its $46 million funded, false and failed Proposition 16 political campaign, properly called out by the Sierra Club and others as nothing more than a cynical attempt to protect and enhance its energy monopoly.

PG&E now has the unmitigated temerity to again slop at its complicit California Public Utility Commission trough for still more.

PG&E management’s misuse of its government-granted monopoly protection to enrich itself at public expense with multimillion-dollar pay and pension packages and lavish, ratepayer-funded lifestyles makes it clear it can no longer be trusted.

Attend PG&E’s scripted California Public Utility Commission hearings to demand that its rate hike requests be denied and that its past rate hikes be rolled back until PG&E begins to behave like a legitimate utility.

Better yet, after PG&E’s reckless, irresponsible corporate misconduct cutting and slashing its way through Cambria’s fragile, endangered Monterey pine tree forest this past winter, it may be time to dump PG&E altogether and replace it with a cheaper, cleaner, greener, more responsible utility patterned after nonprofit community utilities like the more reliable Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

Roger Cleary


A worthy cause

I am the parent of a newly diagnosed 10-year-old with Type 1 diabetes. I have never been passionate about any disease-related fundraising efforts until diabetes happened to our family.

Cassie is a smart, talented, well-adjusted little girl who has to prick her finger eight times a day and administer her insulin whenever she eats or needs a blood glucose adjustment.

Until you have lived through diabetes, you cannot appreciate the dilemma it presents. I implore any person to please support funding for diabetes programs. Contact your congressperson and ask them to please support the funding.

Times are tight and money is hard to find, but supporting diabetes programs is worth the cost.

Joachim Pauly

Paso Robles

Sheriff questions

I have a question for both candidates for sheriff: The department has had a problem of being reactive instead of proactive. How will you change this?

You have deputies who want to retire with full safety retirement benefits while not working stressful jobs (like airport security or as bailiffs). This could be done on a mandated rotational basis so they can earn their safety retirement and not waste taxpayer monies by sitting around.

Is sitting at an ampm (convenience store), mini-mart or 7-Eleven for hours while on the clock OK? Is cruising incorporated cities like Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, etc. instead of their county jurisdiction areas OK? When I talk to the deputies and they tell me that they are just “checking things out,” is this common practice?

Background checks, training positions and maintenance can be done on a contract basis and save taxpayers lots of money. Will this be changed? Any ideas?

Please let us taxpayers know. Any other taxpayers with questions, please keep this going. I want an accountable sheriff and a positive change without costing us more money.

Ray Hanson

Arroyo Grande