Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/26

Murdered anthem

I love to hear the national anthem when it is played and sung the way it was meant. I turned the TV on recently to watch the NBA final game between the Lakers and the Celtics.

Christina Aguilera was trying her best to murder that beautiful song. It was the most horrible rendition that I have ever heard. In anguish, I turned to another channel to let her finish. When I turned it back, she was just murdering the last few notes.

I sincerely hope that in the future, Aguilera is never allowed to try it again.

I like the way the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps plays it and the way the Air Force Singing Sergeants sing it. Or maybe the fireman who sang it a few days after 9/11.

Lem Hair

Pismo Beach

Happy trails to you

As a follow up to the article by AnnMarie Cornejo titled, “Depth perception. Hiking party: Grand Canyon descent an uplifting experience” (June 19):

Our group can be contacted at hikinggroup slo@gmail.com. I would also like to credit these kindred spirits since they deserve to be recognized for their many steps.

Joanne Riester, Bette Bardeen, Randy Ball, Carol Conway, Candice Lusk, Marilynn Scoggins, Bonnie Piatek, Joan Garcia, Eileen Oatley, Chris Volbrecht, Ashala Tylor, Andrea Wasko, Meagan Gilbert, Karin Groteluschen, Anna Negranti, Wanda McDonald and Diane Halsted. Happy trails!

Linda Neugent

San Luis Obispo

Homeless impact

Homelessness is a sad problem in our culture. The poverty that leads to this condition is not only economic, but involves many factors such as mental illness, drug addiction or a simple desire to withdraw from society.

The plan to build a homeless hostel, with 200 beds on South Higuera Street, has raised great concern with many of us who work or live in the area. We see the homeless from the Prado Day Center who often come into our businesses (many times disruptively).

Many rank and file law enforcement officers, who are in the streets patrolling, have great concerns about this escalation of an already brittle situation on Prado Road. The wisdom of spending millions of dollars in this recession plus not regarding the residents most affected by this project are troubling.

I have seen no concerted effort to talk with the community in the surrounding area, nor consider the safety or lives of the permanent residents of the mobile home parks, condos or residences close by.

I am not against helping these needy folks, nor improving the services they require, but don’t see a careful assessment of the impact of this project yet performed. Before this project moves forward, will someone please talk with us?

Rene Bravo

San Luis Obispo

Effort is overlooked

The grand jury report on homelessness does point out the need for additional financial support to provide necessary services (“Homeless care criticized,” June 17). Much is being done but so much more is needed.

I did note the “praise of several organizations helping the homeless.” These organizations are doing good work and deserve praise. I was, however, surprised not to see the People’s Kitchen included as an organization to be praised. We are a separate organization from the South County People’s Kitchen. In fact, when they began, we helped them financially and with organization ideas.

The People’s Kitchen was incorporated in 1984 and organizes a hot noon meal every day of the year. We are currently providing more than 64,000 meals a year. The work we do is provided without any city, state or federal support. We are a 100 percent volunteer organization with more than 37 groups working to feed the hungry.

The fact that the grand jury missed one of the longest serving organizations helping the homeless makes me question the accuracy of its report.

Mary N. Parker

Chair of the People’s Kitchen