Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/23

Stand up to unions

Regarding the letter to the editor, “A simple solution,” June 13: It is clear the writer confirms the old saying, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up!”

The writer blames the policy of requiring a two-thirds vote to pass the state budget and the Republican minority for the severe budget deficits that were actually caused by the tax-and-spend Democrats and unions that have controlled California for many years.

It is the pressure put on the politicians by the unions plus promises of higher salaries and lavish benefit packages that have caused the out-of-control spending. This increasing debt has made it impossible for the private sector to generate the tax revenues needed to balance the budget. We don’t need more revenue, we need more politicians with the backbone to stand up to the unions.

This is a wake-up call to all Californians: The party is over. We need a smaller, more efficient government that allows business to succeed and prosper, which will generate jobs and taxes.

Allen Litten


SLO improvements

As a onetime member of the wonderful activist group, Save Our Downtown, I was delighted to read about the upcoming improvements the City Council voted to implement (“Downtown SLO to get a $640K upgrade,” June 18).

Dave Garth once spoke to our group, and hearing his desire to see these improvements was also a big boost to our group. It will make our great little city just that more beautiful.

Much thanks to the two Daves, Garth and Romero, and the City Council for moving ahead with this plan.

Victoria Grostick

San Luis Obispo

True motives

The amazing thing to me is the amount of oil coming from the spill.

Had we had an administration that would have accepted the help offered by many nations and others who know how to clean up the spill before the shores were destroyed, we not only would have saved the shores, but also the oil. Instead, we have an administration that only plays the blame game and protects their union buddies by not canceling the Jones Act.

What is the Obama administration’s real goal here? It is to allow the spill to spoil the shores so as to promote the elimination of drilling and the imposition of “cap and trade” for the purpose of increasing taxes on all of us?

Anyone with half a brain knows that oil is the lifeblood of the American economy. Like it or not, we are stuck with it for at least the next 20 years.

Larry Trine

Los Osos

Thanks for caring

What a giving, caring community we live in. Even in times of a slow economy, people and businesses are still willing to give or share.

Thank you, Home Instead, for having the shredding company again come to the Central Coast Senior Center so we can have our documents safely shredded. This is a service we do appreciate as we have stuff that needs to be destroyed after tax time.

Thank you for caring!

Betty Milne

President, Central Coast Seniors

Drop the pop-ups

I am greatly disappointed by The Tribune’s decision to start using pop-up ads on its website, SanLuisObispo.com. One would think this is not the way to retain customers, especially with the downsizing of the newspaper several days of the week.

We’ve been loyal print consumers of the newspaper for a good many years, and we use the website daily to stay up on breaking news stories. However, the ads are an extreme annoyance.

When I’m trying to read the website information, the pop-up video ads take up nearly two-thirds of the page, making it essentially useless until the “close this ad” button loads and I have to press it to make the ad stop.

There has got to be a better way to place advertising on your website. Make the ads user-selectable, that way we have a choice to read the ad if we want to, not because you are jamming it in our faces.

Of course there are other solutions as well, like not using the website at all and finding other online news sources that don’t use these pop-up ads. Eventually, it may make your print edition superfluous as well.

Please lose the pop-up ads.

Mark Walton


Job-killing California

What is the purpose of the tax code? If it is to put money into the state and federal treasury then historically, we need to lower the tax rate to encourage more businesses to open, which will employ more people, who in turn will pay more in taxes.

This worked well when John F. Kennedy was president, as it did for Ronald Reagan, and as it is presently doing for Texas. If the purpose of the tax code is to punish achievers, then go ahead and raise taxes, businesses will move elsewhere along with their employees, fewer taxes will be collected and the deeper in debt we will fall.

The Democrats in the California Legislature say they want to raise the California income and corporate tax rate, which is the exact opposite of what is considered prudent.

According to the Dutton Report, “California is the most difficult place in America to do business.”

California is at the bottom of the list of business-friendly states because of our high taxation and, especially, overregulation. It is no wonder that our poor state is so deeply in debt. The next time you vote, ask yourself, “Is this person likely to vote to enact job-killing legislation?”

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Oligarchy’s goal

“O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!” William Shakespeare, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

The basic premise of Republicanism is less government control of the private sector, which of course means less public control. This policy satisfies those in industry, those who are well-off and those who have the ability to take advantage of this Republican ideology.

The indigent and the elderly, who rely on government programs, all find a Republican dictum disingenuous.

It is also difficult to see a Republican program having a beneficial effect on the environment. For example, advocacy of offshore drilling for oil, clearing mountaintops for coal and the Republican attitude regarding global warming all certainly are not helpful.

Republicans place the acquisition of profits above the environment.

They also fall in line behind the military-industrial complex. They believe that a powerful military and police force is necessary to maintain proper discipline nationally and internationally.

In short, the Republican system is an oligarchy aimed at global military hegemony controlled by a fundamental industrial hierarchy.

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande

Publicity stunt

Age 16 and alone at sea, where gale winds circle Earth, unmolested by land. At first glance, William Yates advanced some convincing arguments in his Viewpoint concerning Abby Sunderland’s failed solo circumnavigation (“How old is old enough to sail world?,” June 16).

Yet many may not know that the southern Indian Ocean is a nasty stretch of sea, particularly deadly in the austral winter. Did Sunderland’s botched attempt to sail these treacherous waters at the wrong time of the year in a small boat have more to do with getting the job done before her next birthday than prowess or proper judgment?

Let’s not forget that this child’s father maintains a shipwright business that could only benefit from the publicity associated with this stunt. Some parents are willing to sacrifice their own on the altar of their narcissistic dreams. Why not just send her aloft in a home-built balloon and angle for a media contract?

Richard von Stein

San Luis Obispo