Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/22

Some comments

I found two items in the newspaper on June 17 to be clever, even amusing — but faulty.

First, Glenn McCoy’s political cartoon shows Uncle Sam hunched over the toilet bowl with two open bottles on the floor labeled “hope and change.” The recent oil spill disaster is the context of this cartoon.

However, it would have been just as funny (and more true) if the bottles were labeled “unlimited oil.”

After all, the disaster is caused by decades of careless greed for unregulated oil and its profits — the same dynamic that led to the 2008 financial disaster.

Second was Maureen Dowd’s commentary, “Obama’s quirks overtaking him.” Some seem to think President Barack Obama is too cool in this disaster. Getting BP to fork over $20 billion for a relief fund may have alarmed some Republicans who favor corporations, but it proves President Obama is no wimp when it comes to defending the public interest.

Personally, I don’t need a president to “talk tough.” Statesmanship is a strength, not a weakness. I am glad he thinks through problems and comes up with well-thought-out solutions.

If President Obama successfully addresses this nation’s oil gluttony, he will have again succeeded where his predecessors failed.

Jim Carlisle


Hilarious cartoon

Being one who tries to stay away from politics anymore, I couldn’t help but cut out the cartoon of Uncle Sam hugging the bowl and hang it on my fridge (June 17). It was hilarious and most apropos.

Sorry, Connie Drake, that the illustrated truth so amusingly depicted didn’t tickle your funny bone (“Offensive cartoon,” June 18). Maybe your political bone got in the way.

Angie Mathews

Pismo Beach

Sub no eyesore

I was taken aback when I read Greg Barbour’s letter titled “Blemish on park” (June 16). The letter describes the scale replica of a World War II submarine that is currently moored in Atascadero Lake as an “overbearing, industrial weapon of war.”

I would like to offer a different view. Submarines have played an important role in our nation’s history. The United States Submarine Service has made significant contributions, with great sacrifice of lost lives, during our wars for freedom, especially during World War II.

Perhaps if Barbour could have witnessed the Memorial Day tribute that was held aboard the submarine replica, he might have gained a better understanding of the significance of this vessel.

During that tribute, local submarine veterans, their families and other proud Americans participated in a “tolling of the bell” ceremony to symbolize the debt of gratitude we owe to our departed shipmates.

The submarine replica is a reminder of and a tribute to the thousands of submariners who have given their lives for our country. I do not see it as an eyesore, but as a compliment to the Veterans’ Memorial and Faces of Freedom statue at the lake.

Rich Pescatore

San Luis Obispo