Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/20

Children’s citizenship

I have long believed the United States needed to define more clearly who was a citizen of this country. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution gives a broad sweep: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

Perhaps this was enough in 1776, but it no longer is sufficient. Granting citizenship to children of noncitizens presents a real problem when trying to deport illegal immigrants.

It looks like Arizona may be able to do what our elected officials have failed to do for a long, long time (“Arizona lawmaker’s next target: the children of illegal immigrants,” June 16).

Surely it makes sense that at least one parent of a child born in the United States be a legal United States citizen for the child to become a citizen. It makes no sense to grant citizenship to children born in the United States of noncitizen parents. Go! Go Arizona!

Hugh Robinson


Iran leader

I had a dream last night. In my dream, this is what the Supreme Leader of Iran told me:

We love President Barack Obama! When we had that little problem with the pro-democracy crowd, Obama said he wouldn’t interfere, so we annihilated them.

Israel? He threatened them not to attack us. He watered down the United Nations sanctions, so we feel safe working on those nuclear bombs. We’ve sped up the work!

Best yet, Obama even told the Israelis they better end their Gaza blockade. Now we won’t even have to hide the weapons we smuggle in by boat!

We build up our military forces in Latin America right under Obama’s nose. And he says it is no threat to him! And those sleeper cells we have been sending over your border with Mexico? Now Obama says your police can’t even ask people if they are in the United States legally!

When the United States finally attacks us, we’ll leave your children dead in the streets! Just like we did to the Jews in Buenos Aries in 1994!

Personally, I think Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was exaggerating. I’m sure if we do a little outreach, he’ll change his mind. Won’t he?

Ray Berger

Arroyo Grande

Demonize government

The terrific letter, “The modern populist,” by Bill Weatherford was thoughtful and thought-provoking (June 17). In it, Weatherford says that Tea Partiers are misguided because they demonize government while the real demon is corporate capitalism.

He goes on to say that corporate capitalism, which he quantifies as 1 percent of the population, controls our behavior by controlling education, broadcast media, print media and the government. If he is right about that, then he must be wrong about the real demon.

We seem to forget that the singular purpose of government is to protect its citizens. That goes beyond the obvious military, police, fire, sewer, garbage, etc. protections. It also includes protecting us with good and unbiased education, accurate and unbiased information and aggressive and unbiased regulation of corporate capitalism.

For the reasons implied in Weatherford’s letter, we have none of these protections. Our so-called government leaders are self-serving and bought off by corporate capitalism.

So who’s the demon? If government leaders were not self-serving and simply did the job of protecting the other 99 percent of the people, there would be no demon.

Pat Moore

Morro Bay

Campaign thanks

There are two words I want to extend to every person who helped with my campaign, but I don’t want them to be understood in the casual sense in which they are often used.

I mean to extend to you my most profound, heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done in support of my campaign and victory in the primary election on June 8.

At no time has it been more clearly shown that great goals can only be accomplished through the efforts of a community. It was a spirited campaign and your part in the team effort means that you deservedly share in its success.

I look forward in a few weeks’ time, after a brief break from the campaign trail, to begin again in earnest to move forward to the November general election.

It makes me very happy to know that I will be backed with your tremendous support, and to each of you I want to say thank you!

Katcho Achadjian

Candidate for 33rd District State Assembly

Thanks from Altrusa

This is to express thanks from the Altrusa Club of San Luis Obispo to the donors and participants who contributed to the success of our May 1 golf tournament at Laguna Lake Municipal Golf Course.

The best ball format was enjoyed by a great group of golfers, as was the early breakfast table and barbecue lunch following play.

Local businesses and friends of Altrusa sponsored holes and donated many items for the silent auction and raffle.

The proceeds go directly back into the community through Altrusa’s many local programs, including the Laguna Lake First Tee program, high school and Cuesta College scholarships, Hawthorne Elementary’s literacy and educational programs, the City-County Library Summer Reading program and dinners for the Maxine Lewis shelter.

Special thanks to Todd Bunte, Laguna’s superintendent, and his assistant, Willie Long, along with the rest of the staff who did a beautiful job of “manicuring” the course. Special thanks as well to Alan MacMeekin of Alan’s Draperies for the tri-tip barbecue. We thank you one and all!

Sharon Seitz and Charlotte Weaver

Tournament co-chairs

Wildlife need help

The images of sick, oiled and dying wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico are heartbreaking. However, even if we cannot go to help with the clean-up in person, we can contribute money and supplies.

Crafthope.com has a project going to send cleaning rags and Dawn dishwashing liquid to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

I have spent the week cutting up old T-shirts and towels. The rags need to be cut to the approximate sizes of washcloths and hand towels. Each box sent should include a bottle of Dawn. For more information, visit Crafthope or send rags to:

Kimberly Davion

c/o IMMS Oil Spill Relief

1700 East La Rua Street

Pensacola, FL 32501

Also, requests are up from SeabirdSanctuary.com. They need linens, towels, Dawn, bottled water, toothbrushes, paper towels and gift gas cards to help transport volunteers. Visit their website or send items to:

Seabird Sanctuary

18328 Gulf Blvd.

Indian Shores, FL 33785

Deci Worland-MacKinnon

Los Osos