Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/18

Take a stand

The spill in the Gulf of Mexico should be an additional wakeup call to pursue other energy sources. In phasing out oil, we must tap only sources that are easily monitored for problems. Drilling a mile under the ocean, even if it could be made safer, is not worth the money to fix it. No more deep-water drilling!

So that the next generation will not be held host-age to energy sources from the last century, it is time to take a stand for clean energy.

Comprehensive energy and climate reform would combat climate change, create a new economy powered by green jobs and would end our dependence on foreign oil.

There is no time to waste. Support the clean-energy bills now in Congress.

Meredith Whitaker

San Luis Obispo

Thanks for support

I want to personally thank each and every person who supported me through my unsuccessful bid in the Morro Bay mayoral election.

I am proud of the campaign that my supporters and I ran and sleep well at night knowing that I did not use any negative or deceptive campaign tactics.

I congratulate all of the Morro Bay candidates who are moving on in November and look forward to enjoying a lively campaign!

I have considered it an honor to serve on the City Council for the last three and a half years and remain committed to what is best for the residents of Morro Bay.

I promise to remain diligent and work as hard as ever in my final six months on the City Council.

Rick Grantham

Morro Bay

By any means

Now the world is outraged at Israel for the attack on the ship to Gaza. Makes me wonder —since Israel was denied inspection of the ship for weapons and since, in the past, Israel had found ships loaded with weapons from Iran, was this an attempt to stir indignation against Israel by forcing Israel to strike?

Israel gave every opportunity to prove that no weapons were aboard but the opportunity was denied. Not much is said about the 10,000 tons of food and medicine being sent to Gaza.

Israel has to learn to hold on to every inch of land in that tiny country because her enemies are not interested in peace and never will be. Their only interest is in destroying Israel.

I never heard a word of outrage when suicide bombers were blowing up Jews and buses filled with innocent children in Israel in the past.

When Hamas took over Gaza, they turned it into a terrible place, even killing their own people. Who can forget the victims pushed out of buildings to their death by Hamas? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must protect Israel by any means.

Marje Legerton

Los Osos

Stick to your area

I applaud William Yates’ Viewpoint (“How old is old enough to sail around world?,” June 16). As an old sailor (age 80), solo sailing around the world, in my opinion, is crazy. However, the proof is in the pudding.

Abby Sunderland survived uninjured, except for her dashed dream, and she activated her radio beacons. She most likely lost her mast by a rogue wave that is never seen coming, present but once and never seen leaving.

I wish the “do-gooders” of the world would stick to information they know instead of trying to place blame.

Fred Goodill

Avila Beach

Boring sport

ESPN has succeeded in affirming the image the average American has about soccer: It’s boring to watch. The coverage of the United States versus England match was comical at best.

Why would I want to listen to a British play-by-play announcer deliver British euphemisms (according to him, the match was challenging both “physiologically and psychologically) in a monotone voice? Give me some excitement.

Give me some analysis. Tell me something about soccer and the players.

How about some instant replays (split-screen would have worked well, while keeping game coverage going)? This is the longest period I have ever sat in front of a TV watching a soccer game and now I know why. I’ll settle for the highlights next time on “SportsCenter.”

Al Michaels, we need you. Put some life into this game!

Jon Fugler

San Luis Obispo

Hold BP responsible

The Gulf of Mexico is an oily mess, and BP (and any corporation that destroys the environment) should be held responsible for their actions.

Congress represents the people of the United States, and it is key that they do the right thing. The oil spill will affect the rest of the world in time.

Anita Hernandez

San Luis Obispo