Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Endorsements

No break for voters

Recently, I received six items in the mail. One bill, one notification of a class-action lawsuit and three separate items from Sam Blakeslee support groups lambasting John Laird as being a free-spending, tax-raising Sacramento politician.

Finally, I received one item from a Laird support group lambasting Blakeslee for being a lackey for British Petroleum.

I thought we would have a little break from the campaigning after the primary; I guess not.

Pete Burke

Shell Beach

Take a pledge

Your endorsement of Sam Blakeslee states that he has taken a pledge to take no more pledges (“Sam Blakeslee is the best choice for state Senate,” June 13).

I’d like him to pledge to recuse himself and immediate family from the financial planning business if elected. I feel that accepting political contributions from publically traded corporations can be a conflict of interest, as his legislative decisions can affect those corporations, his financial clients and his constituents.

Martin Weckstein

Arroyo Grande

Better candidate

I’d like to comment on your choice for state Senate (Sam Blakeslee is the best choice for state Senate,” June 13).

You said John Laird was a bit vague on his plan for balancing the budget. On balancing the budget, Laird gave specifics like “an extraction tax for big oil companies,” whereas Blakeslee had the vague proposal to “reinvigorate the economy.”

You said you were “concerned about the hard tack to the right that Blakeslee has taken of late” and you even urged him “to return to his moderate roots.” Why would you support a candidate and then expect him to change when he got in office?

Why not support John Laird? He’s the far better candidate.

Don Bearden

Los Osos

Don’t fall for it

I used to live in the Santa Cruz area and I know firsthand how “great and wonderful” John Laird is not.

He is great at distorting the facts, spending money and doing or saying anything to get himself elected. Now he’s trying to use the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster to get people to vote for him — please don’t fall for his sham.

It’s time for him to be extinct from local politics. Next week you have a chance to say goodbye to Laird. Do not vote for John Laird.

Sharen Rund Bloechl


The best choice

John Laird is the best choice for state Senator on June 22. He works for all people in our district, including small businesses, firefighters, construction workers, teachers, fishermen and public safety officers. He has helped keep California fiscally sound and accountable.

Sam Blakeslee, on the other hand, has been a typical wannabe billionaire. His votes in the state Legislature have the common thread of helping to funnel taxpayer funds into private financial corporations.

Blakeslee’s votes on education have been to throw a few crumbs at the schools after large corporations get their tax breaks.

He has supported offshore oil drilling. He worked for Exxon, and given how much money the oil companies have contributed to his campaigns and how Blakeslee votes for their bills, it looks like he is still working for them.

John Laird is the responsible candidate for state Senator.

Mark Tomes

Santa Margarita

Protect our homes

Three years ago, mobile home residents banded together to seek protection for their homes in the form of a County Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance. Today, we have this protection in place. It is now time to join together again to protect our homes.

California is facing a critical shortage of affordable housing. The counties of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo are usually ranked within the top three of most expensive counties in which to live.

The largest source of affordable housing today is mobile/manufactured homes located primarily in mobile home parks.

Mobile home residents are under continuous threat from aggressive park-owner groups, large corporations and developers that spend millions of dollars attempting to eliminate these protections.

It is imperative that we elect responsible leaders who will strive to support affordable housing. That is why the largest mobile home owners’ statewide organization, Golden State Manufactured Homeowners’ League, is endorsing John Laird for state Senator.

Since 2005, he has supported 100 percent of mobile home resident-initiated bills as an Assemblyman. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Vote for Laird, who supports seniors, workforce families, rent control and affordable housing.

Marie Pounders

President, San Luis Obispo Mobile Home Residents’ Assistance Panel Board of Directors

Best qualified?

Let’s see if I have this straight. Sam Blakeslee believes that insurance companies should have the right to cancel insurance coverage for existing customers and charge women more for insurance coverage than men.

He also believes that California should not recognize out-of-state marriages of gay couples and there should be no restrictions on handgun ammunition sales. And this is the person The Tribune feels is best qualified to represent the l5th District in the state Senate?

Norma Fitton

San Luis Obispo

Not in same league

Paul Pierce of the Celtics is a pretty good basketball player, but would you take him over Kobe Bryant?

When your editorial staff endorsed Sam Blakeslee over John Laird, you did precisely that.

I know Blakeslee is a hometown boy, but he is just not in the same league. Not to disparage Blakeslee, but their records just don’t match up.

Laird was singled out over and over as the hardest worker and the most effective legislator by The San Jose Mercury News. He also presided over the last balanced budget in this state as the chair of the Assembly’s Budget Committee.

I find it misleading that Blakeslee identified himself as a scientist in your questionnaire. He was an oil geologist for Exxon. If you put an oil guy with a financial planner, you get a candidate that I am pretty sure California doesn’t need right now.

The Howard Jarvis “no tax is a good tax” Taxpayers Association gives Laird an “F.” Since when do they give anything but that to a Democrat? If you have a “D” behind your name, you get an “F” regardless. I am a retired counselor/teacher and I give Laird an “A+” and my vote.

David T. May



John Laird is the right choice for the 15th District state Senate seat. As an elementary school educator, I see firsthand the impacts the cuts in education funding are making in the classroom.

California needs Laird because he will support and defend education and its funding. We need to invest in the future, and that future is in California’s students.

Vote on June 22 for the only candidate worthy to represent District 15 — John Laird.

Mary Strobridge