Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/15

Know when to quit

When will The Tribune sports department have the guts and the wisdom to come out and say what has to be said about Chuck Liddell and such “sports” as the Ultimate Fighting Championship and their ilk?

I realize there is money to be made here and there’s no denying that this “blood sport” is popular, especially with young men. But I definitely don’t enjoy watching Liddell, or anybody else, get his brains turned into scrambled eggs just because he doesn’t know when to quit.

Remember Muhammad Ali? How about Joe Louis? Please, somebody, get the hook. The one that pulls you offstage, not the one to the head. I’ve seen that one time too often already.

John Winthrop


Change of plans

My family was planning a vacation in California this month. We have decided instead to spend the week in Arizona: visit friends in Yuma, sight-see around Tucson and see the Grand Canyon.

We support Arizona’s wise and necessary new immigration legislation. The United States was founded on the principle of law, not the whim of power-seeking politicians or mob whining.

Wendy Larner

Morro Bay visitor, Ojai

Meaning of the flag

Regarding Phil Dirkx’s column, “Honor what the flag represents” (June 11):

Because our president spent his early school years in Indonesia, it’s possible he does not understand the meaning of the flag to many Americans. This may be why he sometimes does not salute the American flag. Or perhaps he’s a Jehovah’s Witness?

Edith Welter


BP spewing lies

A few comments on the BP-generated tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico:

First, we must stop calling it a spill. You spill your milk, Exxon spills its Valdez. These are finite quantities. The situation in the Gulf is an eruption of oil with no apparent finite ending.

Secondly, we must stop calling it an accident. BP knowingly shortcut safety procedures. This, at best, is negligent homicide. To a giant oil corporation, this is simply the cost of doing business.

Among the many lies BP has been spewing is the statement that they don’t know the quantity of the oil erupting from the blowout preventer. This is pure nonsense.

When an oil well is drilled, it is determined if it will be a producer. In oil field parlance, this is called “proving the pay.” If deemed a producer, it is “completed,” a term used to plug the well so the drilling rig can move out and a production facility can move on.

When BP stated that the eruption was only 5,000 barrels a day, they were lying. They wouldn’t have bothered for only 5,000 barrels per day.

BP knows exactly how much oil is flowing.

I would suggest 45,000 barrels per day is a more realistic number.

Michael McGee

San Luis Obispo