Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/12

Costly delay

I’d like to offer a fragrant bouquet to the editorial staff of The Tribune for their opinion of Paso Robles’ water rate package (“Paso’s new water rate package fair,” May 25) and a two-ton brickbat to the lawsuit filed by Concerned Citizens for Paso Robles.

Doesn’t this group realize that our City Council was elected to office and charged with making the best short and long-term decisions that will benefit the entire community? This latest increase is fair to all citizens and, I might also ask, where does Concerned Citizens for Paso Robles think future water is going to come from?

This delay in building the treatment plant is already very, very costly.

I don’t want Paso Robles to end up like Los Osos and their sewer mess.

Every dollar spent on Concerned Citizens for Paso Robles’ legal expenses would be better invested in local charities and every dollar spent on Paso Robles’ legal costs could be more wisely spent on city services we all need and enjoy. These delays are all because it is called a rate increase instead of a tax? Give me a break!

Bob Leith

Paso Robles

Good for Israel

I see the press (“Raid brings Israel strong denunciation,” June 1) and many of the world’s politicians are aghast at Israel’s recent actions when they stopped the alleged “humanitarian” flotilla before it could land at the Gaza strip.

I say, good for you Israel, I would have done the same.

I’m sure the United Nations will rush to condemn the incident as will most of the Muslim world and seemingly much of Europe. Yet I pray the United States will stand by its long time ally and I hope others will show their support for the only democratic country in that part of the world.

Israel was put into this lose-lose situation by those who obviously did not, or will not, consider the consequences if the Israelis had allowed these ships to land without inspection.

Let’s assume there were no arms aboard this time. If this one was let through without inspection, how long before the next one attempts to arrive?

Is there any other country on Earth that would allow the continued arming of an adjoining neighbor that vows your destruction and rains rockets upon your citizens?

For me, without reservation, I support Israel’s actions. To do otherwise is a death wish personified.

Gordon Mullin

San Luis Obispo

Take signs down

Now that the primary election is over, could all the candidates who are not in the November race please take down their signs?

Carol Kiessig