Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Endorsements

A true local

Paul Teixeria is a true local, born and raised on the Central Coast, who enjoys working and helping the community in which he lives and raises his family. He is dedicated to his family and to helping others through the many fundraisers that he helps at and attends throughout the county.

As a local, Teixeria knows what some of the big problems are that need to be fixed in the South County such as traffic, affordable housing and correcting the county budget. By knowing these problems, Teixeria is going to take the right steps as 4th District Supervisor to correct them and make the county a better place to live.

I believe that Teixeria is trustworthy and wants to continue preserving the Central Coast so future generations can have some of the same opportunities and experiences as their parents and grandparents.

Oftentimes, individuals feel like their voice isn’t heard in politics, but when a like-minded candidate such as Teixeria is able to represent the South County, the county’s wants and needs can be achieved.

Pete Melero

Arroyo Grande

Support for Ochylski

I am writing this letter to lend my support to Marshall Ochylski to be our next 2nd District supervisor.

I appreciate Ochylski’s support of small business and his understanding of the economic ramifications that the Board of Supervisors’ decisions have on all of our everyday lives.

We do not live in an academic bubble, but the real world, where the balance of economic realities with environmental concerns must be at the heart of all our elected leaders considerations, deliberations and decisions.

We live in challenging times. We must vote into office those officials who understand and listen to all sides. That is why I am voting for Marshall Ochylski. I encourage all to join me.

R. Michael Wright

Los Osos

A track record

I vote for a candidate based on how I have seen them perform in the community. Some candidates seem to appear out of thin air at election time. I believe that a track record of involvement demonstrates that a candidate will have the capacity to be responsive to the needs of the community.

The state Assembly may not get the glamour and attention of other elected offices, but this year it features one candidate who I have seen distinguish himself above the field in terms of past performance.

With literally thousands of hours of volunteer time spent with service, charitable and civic organizations, Katcho Achadjian has shown me where his heart is. It’s right here with the people of the 33rd State Assembly District. Because of that, Achadjian has my vote on June 8.

Shushan Kurkeyerian

San Luis Obispo

Endorsed by peers

Jim Guthrie is endorsed for 4th District Supervisor by every member of the Arroyo Grande City Council. His fellow council members know his record and qualifications for elected office.

Guthrie is also endorsed by four elected members of the Lucia Mar school board and a San Luis Obispo County parks commissioner.

When the colleagues you work with endorse you, it says something about their opinion of your abilities.

Who has endorsed the other candidates?

Dan Woodson


Winholtz’s quality

I’ve been a resident of Morro Bay for more than 37 years and am a close observer of the political arena. In all those years, I have noted one or two people on the City Council who truly researches each issue that comes before the council to make sure it is fair for the whole community of Morro Bay.

One of those people is Betty Winholtz. She consistently demonstrates her ability to understand and ask the pointed questions of staff, other City Council members and the mayor.

I would strongly urge all of the readers from Morro Bay to vote for Winholtz to ensure we get quality rather than quantity. The Tribune has endorsed a different candidate who has caused many of the problems we are experiencing today. Let’s resolve them with a person who truly cares for the people of Morro Bay.

Chuck Reasor

Morro Bay

Grantham for mayor

Rick Grantham, a current Morro Bay city councilman, exhibits all the qualities of a good mayor. He devotes many hours each week to city business, visiting the various departments and getting updates on their activities. He is respectful and considerate of our residents and actively participates in many community events.

He researches and considers all viewpoints on the issues and makes balanced decisions. His positive, friendly attitude is an important asset for a public official.

Please join me in voting for Rick Grantham for mayor of Morro Bay.

Janice Peters

Morro Bay Mayor

True grasp of issues

I live in Cayucos, so I can’t vote in Morro Bay’s election. I did, however, attend the candidates forum held on May 4. Of the four mayor candidates only Neil Farrell showed a true grasp of the issues faced by that city.

Frankly, the other three candidates had little to bring to the table. Farrell’s innovative approach to addressing the city’s budget problems by investing existing monies within the community makes perfect sense.

His call for a freeze of city employee wages while the economy is down not only makes sense, it is absolutely necessary while the city attempts to raise additional revenues.

During the forum, Farrell time and again gave insightful answers that displayed his deep caring for the city and understanding of the issues, its business community, tourist economy and the residents’ quality of life.

If I could, I would vote for Neil Farrell. I urge all Morro Bay voters to check out his website at www.neil4mayor.net to see his ideas on how to turn Morro Bay’s economy around.

Lorraine Rendon


Cortez for sheriff

We in San Luis Obispo County are lucky to have several qualified candidates for sheriff. Our support goes to the one individual who has prior experience as the “decision maker” for an organization and the one charged as the person responsible for the overall performance of the organization. That person is Joe Cortez.

While several of the other candidates may have experience in making organizational recommendations, Cortez is the only one who has actually experienced the mantel of leadership at the top of an organization.

We combine his demonstrated leadership skills, his communications skills, his budget management skills and his knowledge of both the functions of the “street cop” and the management of an organization and conclude that Cortez has demonstrated that he is the most qualified candidate.

Please join us in voting for Joe Cortez for San Luis Obispo County sheriff.

Ken and Mary Jean Sage

Arroyo Grande