Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/27

The cost of reliance

The Tribune reported on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and gave a “bouquet” to hair salons that are collecting hair to soak up oil (“Pitch in for the Gulf Coast,” May 21). We should be aware that the spill is threatening hundreds of miles of coastline and inlets. A few bushels of hair is not going to be very effective.

There are about 4,000 more oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, some in deeper water than the one that just blew up.

A more effective effort here would be to reduce auto traffic and our use of oil. We should provide low-cost housing in San Luis Obispo and electric rail lines between San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and Los Osos. Expensive? Sure! But have we ever added up the total cost of our reliance on oil? Think of air pollution, road construction and maintenance, oil-based fertilizer and plastics and the useless effort to switch from oil to ethanol.

We need to become “recovering oil addicts.”

Robert McDougle

Los Osos

Sitting on hands

I am so very disappointed in President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party especially. If another country had dumped this much oil in the Gulf of Mexico, we would be at war right now, and yet this president and the Democratic Party sit on their hands instead of treating BP like the corrupt corporation it is.

This catastrophe is what we as Californians pay our senators and representatives to prevent and what do we get? An ocean full of sludge. What would they be doing if this sludge was sitting off the coast of California? Would the president of the United States be sitting on his hands then?

Those in charge of the Minerals Management Service and the executives at BP are traitors to the citizens of the United States of America and should be treated as such. It is time for a real change and not the kind that Obama fed us.

If California’s senators and representatives can’t do their jobs and protect the American citizen, it’s time to put people in office who can. Change will come, but it may not be the change promised by this administration.

Rex Farris

Grover Beach

Are we prepared?

I think it is generally agreed that any coastal area can be threatened by an oil spill. It is not necessary to have an oil drilling platform nearby, the oil can come from a broken pipe or a ship aground miles away.

The question is: Are San Luis Obispo County and its communities prepared to defend the coast against an oil intrusion? Can Morro Bay, for example, block off their entrance so that oil in the ocean can not enter? Can Avila Beach be protected? Is Pismo Beach safe? How about the dunes at Oceano or the elephant seal grounds north of Cambria?

A spill like the one now destroying wetlands in Louisiana can happen here. What are we doing to protect our shores?

Arthur Armstrong

Los Osos

A terrible situation

Immigration laws were put into place early in our country’s development to strengthen, not weaken, the country. By having people from all over the world come here to assimilate and become Americans, we have created the most free and prosperous country ever known to man.

The current situation has turned those principles upside down and because we have submitted to the will of special interests and political correctness, we now find ourselves in a terrible situation.

We have been importing “revolution” now for 20 years in a way that, if not corrected, soon will bring down the republic and extinguish the last place on earth where free people can come and pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Weakening our country is not the answer.

My wife and I pray for all the American people and legal residents to wake up and understand how fundamental to our survival as a country the defense of our borders and enforcement of our immigration laws is before it’s too late. Ask your local government and local elected officials to do everything they can to support this effort. Let us move away from lawlessness and the importation of revolution.

Michael S. Rivera

Paso Robles