Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Endorsements

Kokkonen, not Katcho

We disagree with your endorsement of Katcho Achadjian for the 33rd Assembly District, but more importantly disagree with your stated reasons for not endorsing Matt Kokkonen or Etta Waterfield (“Katcho Achadjian is clear choice for Republicans,” May 2).

You would have us believe that the way to fix our state and make it work is to elect people who will successfully work with the current fine crop we have there. Maybe you forget the classic definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”

You may not agree with Kokkonen, but you will always know where he stands and that he has the moral integrity to fight for what he believes in. That might even contagiously help other legislators discover their own backbones.

Kokkonen knows how to work together to achieve effective and positive goals by not sinking to corrupted levels but by elevating the level of discourse. Other legislators wouldn’t need to waste time nor effort to find out his purchase price.

Matt Kokkonen will bring integrity and problem solving skills to a legislature that is devoid of both.

Ruth and Elmer Smith

San Luis Obispo

Winholtz for mayor

I was surprised and dismayed by The Tribune’s endorsement of William Yates to be mayor of the city of Morro Bay (“Yates is best to lead Morro Bay out of trouble,” May 16). Yates’ administration was most noted for planning and development run amok and a bloated and inefficient city staff. 

The residents of the city are still paying a price for his policies. I must compliment the current mayor for helping to correct some of these actions especially with regard to the Planning Commission. 

One of the candidates for the mayor of Morro Bay, Betty Winholtz, has been a strong supporter of controlled growth and was a major force behind the adoption of ordinances controlling the bulk and scale of residences. In addition, she has always been an advocate for affordable housing and maintaining neighborhood character.  She is much superior to Yates as a candidate for mayor.

Alex Beattie

Morro Bay

Zacarias’ courage

33rd Assembly District candidate Hilda Zacarias is the only candidate to have the moral courage to stand up and voice her opposition to the Arizona immigration law.

Suppose (like Zacarias) you are a United States citizen of Hispanic descent. You are stopped by Arizona police because you have a broken taillight. You are anxious because of the new law. Like any other citizen, you don’t carry proof of citizenship. Will the police believe you when you tell them that you were born in the United States? What will happen if they don’t believe you?

This is a scenario reminiscent of those ugly times in America when “free blacks” in certain states had to prove they were free. Unlike the Republican candidates, all of whom support the Arizona law, Hilda Zacarias understands that scenes like this should never occur again in our country. No citizen should suffer anxiety because of the color of their skin.

Laurence Houlgate

San Luis Obispo