Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/24

End of capitalism

I am amused by some letter writers here who label President Barack Obama a socialist. This has been a Republican game against Democrats since Franklin Roosevelt. Clearly, the mission of Obama and Congress is not to replace capitalism but to rescue it. They are applying the newest variation of countervailing power and Keynesian economics that all administrations, Republican and Democratic, have used to prolong the system since Roosevelt.

It has worked, all the while masking increasing, ultimately fatal traits of oligopoly, concentrations of wealth and the surpassing of environmental source and sink limits.

An industrial, consumer-driven growth economy like ours has a natural maximum life span. It appears to be about 200 years (interestingly enough, exactly what Adam Smith predicted for a growth economy). The present zero interest rates and ever expanding debt financing created by the government and big banks appear to be that last gasp strategy to buy the final decade before the collapse a few years hence for us, Europe and Japan.

A steady state economy would be a natural follow-up replacement, but this will be resisted by the remaining economic elite, causing years of misery for the majority, especially in America, where populist organizing is weak.

Gerald Manata

Paso Robles

Kudos to Farrell

Morro Bay had its first candidate debate May 4. I had no intention of making any statement publicly regarding any of them because of my relationship with all of them. But one mayoral candidate was so outstanding in his comments that I have to give him his kudos.

Neil Farrell’s answers showed that he has spent much time pondering the issues for Morro Bay and was not answering off the top of his head. He came up with great ideas to turn things around. This isn’t surprising when you think about the fact that he has reported on every issue Morro Bay has faced for the past 18 years.

If Farrell doesn’t end up being one of two candidates still standing after June 8, it won’t be because he’s not qualified. It will be because there will be those who assume they know him, those who did not attend the May 4 debate to hear him or those who have not visited is website at www.neil4mayor.net. Farrell, you should be proud; you did an outstanding job!

Ani Lyne

Morro Bay

Fiscally irresponsible

Is it any wonder we have a fiscal crisis in this state, not to mention this county? Let me make my case after reading a mere three articles in The Tribune (May 6).

We need to make improvements on the two rest areas near Camp Roberts (“Nice spots for a stop on Hwy. 101)? Who would like to justify the bloated ridiculousness of spending $6 million on two facilities that are glorified bathrooms for the public. Anyone?

How about contemplating the stupidity of allowing another 10-screen movie theater to be built in Atascadero (“Planners like La Plaza Cinemas”). In whose muddled mind does this idea make sense? Anyone?

And we sure don’t want to infringe upon the rights of two bonehead police officers who were “found in possession of more than 850 pharmaceutical capsules” at the Mexican border (County Roundup”). What’s it like to receive nearly $100,000 since September for doing nothing except milking the system while “the length of that investigation has not yet been determined.” Anyone?Our elected officials are unable to make fiscally responsible decisions, and we’re flushing the future of California right down the toilet. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Jeri Luther


Support Guthrie

Jim Guthrie is clearly the most qualified candidate for 4th District Supervisor. His nine combined years of service as an Arroyo Grande city councilman and the Arroyo Grande planning commissioner have given him the valuable legislative experience required for this crucial position. As manager of a large hotel for 19 years, he has developed the business skills essential for the critical financial and personnel problems the county supervisors must solve.

Guthrie believes that water, sewer and traffic infrastructure must be provided before additional development chokes current residents and businesses. Guthrie was key in the development of the Arroyo Grande General Plan, bringing together competing interests in agriculture and environment to make the city business friendly.

Guthrie is not obligated to any special interests. In fact, more than 350 residents have contributed to his campaign. Guthrie is endorsed by 28 current and former elected officials who understand that his years of local government experience are essential to being an effective supervisor. This position is too important for on-the-job training.

Please join me in electing Jim Guthrie on June 8. For more information, visit his website at: www.jimguthrie4supervisor.com.

Ed Eby