Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/22

Deceptive measure

Proposition 14, the so-called “Top Two Primaries” ballot measure, is extremely deceptive.

It strengthens a broken system at a time when we need real reform.

Backers of Proposition 14 are misleading voters to believe it allows for more choices. In fact, it gives voters fewer choices. Under Proposition 14, you can vote in the June primary for candidates from various parties. However, in November, there would be only two candidates on the ballot for each office.

Those candidates will almost never include an independent or someone from a small party. Restricting voter choice is no way to improve elections.

Proposition 14 is sometimes referred to as an “open primary” proposition even though it reduces voter choice in the November general election. In some districts, the only two candidates on the November ballot will be from the exact same party.

I encourage you to vote “no” on Proposition 14.

Peggy Koteen

San Luis Obispo

Who should pay?

So, who should pay for the oil clean up in the Gulf of Mexico?

I suggest the Sierra Club and all other environmentalists who campaign to not allow drilling anywhere, especially in the coast waters. So the only drilling that is reluctantly allowed is 150 miles off the coast in 5,000-foot water.

No oil company is allowed to drill close to the coast where there is abundant oil and drilling would be in shallow water.

These people prefer a “windmill” rather than capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves. Let them pay!

Larry Trine

Los Osos

Thank a cyclist

Whenever I see a cyclist riding down the street in my town, I see someone who is taking personal responsibility for reducing traffic congestion on our roads, reducing the air pollution in our community and reducing our nation’s reliance upon foreign oil.

Whenever I see a cyclist riding a side road between cities, I see someone who is rejecting the expansion of free-ways and counts health as more important than the speed of a car.

When I see a bike strapped down with saddlebags traveling our state, I see someone who is considerate enough to not burden the roads with another 30-foot RV.

So I hope you will join me in taking a few seconds out of your day to lean out of your window at a stoplight or pause at a street corner and thank a cyclist for making a positive contribution to our community.

Even better, be a part of this positive change in our community and take the time out to get on a pair of wheels yourself — for your health, for our air, for our future.

Ben Walther

Grover Beach