Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/21

Zero respect

It has become obvious to the most casual observer that those running the California Water Resources Control Board have zero respect for either science or common sense.

Not using seawater from the Pacific Ocean for cooling a power plant because it thermally “pollutes” the ocean and “damages” the ecology is absolutely ridiculous scientifically and ecologically.

In days gone by, I used to dive in the cooling seawater effluent from the Morro Bay power plant because the flora and fauna that lived in that effluent were similar to that surrounding the lower Channel Islands, like sheepshead fish, Garibaldi perch, etc. Fascinating!

Polluting the Pacific Ocean? Damage to the ecology? Not a chance. “The inmates are running the institution” is not quite correct. More accurately, the tyrannical incompetents are running the institution and have been for years. Their decisions routinely violate good science and common sense. Their ridiculous decision regarding the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant cooling is typical (“Diablo deals with cooling mandate,” May 16).

David B. Jones


We’ll look elsewhere

Tony Cipolla is KSBY! We trust his news and we like his style. He is the reason we watch KSBY for our local and national news. When he leaves, the station will no longer have the seasoned coverage and accurate, positive presentation we seek.

We will look to other media sources for the unbiased, community-friendly, reliable news coverage Cipolla has given throughout his years of service to KSBY and the community.

Keith and Sharon Kuhlenschmidt

Arroyo Grande

Poly fight shameful

Shame on Cal Poly, an institution of “higher education,” for sponsoring the lowly form of brutality known as mixed martial arts in support of its collegiate wrestling program.

Billed as a “Fight for Wrestling,” spectators can pay up to $75 to watch gladiators, including a local mother of two young daughters, enter a cage and stomp and slug and kick their opponents into submission. What’s next Cal Poly? Cock fights to promote poultry science?

Carroll R. McKibbin

San Luis Obispo

Prop 16 ad deceptive

The advertising program urging us to vote “yes” for Proposition 16 seems to be quite deceptive in purporting to be doing us a favor on voting rights.

The primary sponsor of this proposition is Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (who reported more than $1.2 billion in net income in 2009) and is spending more than $34 million to get “yes” votes.

Now, why would PG&E sponsor such a proposition and spend so much money to get it passed? Proposition 16 is intended to protect PG&E’s business monopoly and profits and is not intended to protect voting rights.

George Santos


Childish games

Bob Cuddy was spot on when he said Abel Maldonado has “an abnormally large amount of raw ambition” (“A study of Central Coast politics,” May 16).

He wanted to be a senator (until something better came along). Now he wants to be lieutenant governor (until something better comes along).

The partisan bickering goes on with both parties.

Is there a candidate from either party who doesn’t play those childish games? Let me know, they get my vote.

Ann Harkey

Paso Robles

Cash nightmare

Excuse me for not understanding how the two Republican candidates for California governor who are running on a platform of fiscal responsibility can justify spending more than $78 million on their primary race?

This election for governor may well cost more than $150 million before it is over. Couldn’t they just write the state a check to help it out of its cash nightmare?

Anne Cruikshanks

San Luis Obispo