Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/20

Our blessed rights

I would like to recognize and thank Randy Spoeneman, government teacher at Arroyo Grande High School, for his efforts in getting students who are now eligible to vote registered.

We all must work together to educate our children on the importance of living in a democracy and how blessed we are to have the right to vote. Kudos to Spoeneman.

Shelly Higginbotham

Pismo Beach

Is a spanking due?

If we accept the legalism that corporations are people, I submit that they most resemble undisciplined teenagers. Beginning with Ronald Reagan, they have been given the freedom to make or buy their own rules. It is time to force them to accept accountability, morality, common decency, respect for the law and human life. 

As the father of two grown sons, I know this will not be easy. Although I have never resorted to corporal punishment, I think a governmental spanking might be in order for some corporate giants who have given us a banking meltdown, coal mine disasters and now millions of gallons of oil spewing into the ecologically and economically sensitive gulf region.

Our government, the collective will of the people, has become a toothless, permissive parent who has allowed its progeny to run amok.

My apologies go out to any teenagers who may read this and be offended by being compared to a corporation.

Bill Walther

Arroyo Grande

Cut condescension

I wonder if Jay Devore would have walked up to Rosa Parks and politely asked whether or not she understood there was a law against blacks riding in the front of a bus (“Follow the rules,” May 13).

While I can appreciate Devore looking out for my welfare, my suggestion to him (since he asked) is to consider a less condescending approach when trying to educate his fellow citizens.

Brian Miller

San Luis Obispo

Tribune vs. noise

The Tribune is, on the whole, liberal. So what? Not progressive enough for me. I don’t think Cal Thomas, Bill O’Reilly or Charles Krauthammer have anything worthwhile to say.

On TV, you have ultra-conservative Fox “news.” The radio has KSMX and KSMA pumping out uber-conservative Wall Street news, plus The Washington Times America’s Morning News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Lars Larson, Dr. Laura, Sean Hannity, Andy Caldwell and Dennis Miller. The weekend sees Fox “news,” Mike Huckabee and Lou Dobbs.

The conservative noise machine is alive and well and needs no representation in The Tribune.

So I say to The Tribune, wear your liberal, progressive stripes proudly. You are the only bit of sanity in the South County.

Joe Hugh