Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/19

No follow-up?

Being an avid tennis fan, I was delighted to see the article in the newspaper regarding the final to be played in Madrid, Spain, between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (“Federer, Nadal to meet in Madrid Masters final,” May 16).

Since Nadal had been sidelined with knee injuries most of 2009, this was a most anticipated match between these two outstanding players.

Since I subscribe to the Tennis Channel, I was able to watch this incredible match on Sunday and after the article that was written about this upcoming match, I was so looking forward to reading a follow-up on the results. To my dismay, there was nothing in Monday’s edition! What a disappointment.

I know tennis is not one of the most popular sports to follow, but please, if you are going to write about an upcoming match, it would be nice to see an article showing the results.

Betty L. Patti

San Luis Obispo

Lying candidates

Regarding Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman: Both are suddenly acting like conservatives to get the vote. They’re both liberals with a Republican badge, and either candidate would go right back to their liberal roots once in office.

The obscene amount of campaign money shows total disregard for the people. Both are selling a bill of goods that will ultimately harm California.

Neither will get my vote but both appear to be suckering unsuspecting, ignorant Republican voters. Shameful. Do your homework, people. These two are lying and as disingenuous as they come.

J.E. Curtis

Los Osos


Had it with our state legislature? Let’s import Japanese robots instead of electing humans.

The Republican Party could program their robots to declare ad nauseam “no new taxes” until their batteries die. How hard could that be?

Democrats could program theirs to vote for any ridiculous law, such as making it illegal for kids to play tag at school since it gives slow runners low self-esteem.

Plus, we wouldn’t have to worry about robots fondling lobbyists while expounding “family values” or spending taxpayer money for “official business” flights to Cancun.

And just think of all the attack ads we wouldn’t have to see come election time!

Michael J. O’Brien


Please help Holly

I am sorry The Tribune was not aware of the special fundraising dinner for Holly Navolt for your recent article (“Breathing room for a brave teen,” May 15).

Navolt needs so much! The dinner, sponsored by the Kiwanis Keyclub at Morro Bay High School and hosted by the Bay-Osos Kiwanis Club, will take place at the Morro Bay High School cafeteria on Saturday, May 22. Tickets are $25 each, with all profits going to help Navolt with her new lungs.

To get tickets or other information, call 534-9599. Please help Holly!

Len Myers

Los Osos

Specifics, please

Regarding the letter titled, “The enemy within” (May 15):  

Which corrupt politicians does the writer want to throw out? Does she have specific people in mind? Or is it all politicians or all Republicans or all Democrats?

The writer states that the government is “determined to change everything we hold dear.” What is she referring to? How did she reach this conclusion? Could she give examples?

Letter writers should be specific in their statements and back them up with facts if they mean for us to understand their point of view, otherwise they are not providing anything of substance for the reader to consider.

Patti Everett


What’s the problem?

I’m dark, short and a little pudgy and drive a 1967 Ford pickup. I make several trips a year to Texas and, while driving through Arizona, I have in my possession a driver’s license, my car registration and my vehicle insurance papers. So what’s the problem?

Bud Grant

Morro Bay

Park looks good

I wanted to publicly share my gratitude to the City of San Luis Obispo’s Parks and Recreation Department for their work in Meadow Park. I have lived around the park for 20 years and it has never looked better that it has over the past few.

I also want to recognize the San Luis Obispo Rotary Clubs. The community garden they’ve built is a welcome addition to the park and looks great. Nice job!

John Brower

San Luis Obispo