Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/17

Tiresome Tarica

I just finished reading an editorial by Joe Tarica (“Support for Arizona law is disgusting,” May 8). Obviously, he is entitled to his views on the issue. However, when he demeans local politicians who are proven public servants and men of high integrity whose views are different than his, he is demeaning every citizen who shares those mens’ views.

I, personally, was offended by what he said about Matt Kokkonen because I know what type of a person he really is. He cares deeply about this country and the direction it is headed, as do many other “rabid, tea-partying idealogues” who believe, like Kokkonen, that our laws need to be enforced and that we should not have to apologize to the law-breakers for our actions.

So, for now, Tarica, you are free to paint every concerned citizen as a fanatical zealot whose only real desire is protect the Constitution. But your words of disgust are becoming very tiresome and hollow to those of us who have experienced the effects of political correctness on this great country.

Greg Sabosky

San Luis Obispo

Clean energy now

The time has come to do or die for Earth activists everywhere. The world cannot go on thinking that ocean oil mining and ocean fishers can mutually co-exist together in a symbiotic relationship, because they can’t.

Oil mining is the parasite of the entire Earth, and no matter what oil companies would like us to believe, they have been selfishly helping to kill our planet for the past 21 years, ever since the Exxon Valdez spill, and probably for even longer than that. It’s time to stop pretending; anything we do to harm one part of the world will bring harm to us.

We need clean energy, and we need it now! Not later, not soon — now. That is the one message that can’t be stressed enough.

Jason Cantu

Morro Bay

Fireworks brickbat

Ouch! As a resident of Morro Bay and an animal lover, I wish I could turn your bouquet for bringing back the July 4 fireworks to Morro Bay into a big, fat brickbat! I suspect that the same people who want to explode gunpowder directly over the fragile ecosystem of the estuary are the same people who gleefully blast Brandt geese out of the air above this “bird sanctuary” that Morro Bay declares itself to be.

However, I suppose local restaurants need to get some folks into town so they can make money. It always comes down to that doesn’t it? The heron, cormorant, duck and other birds, along with the hundreds of terrified dogs and cats in the immediate area have no voice and will endure another adolescent “let’s blow something up!” extravaganza held in the name of patriotism.

Peter Romwall

Morro Bay

Research the law

The lead opinion of The Tribune in its “Bouquets and Brickbats” editorial is both outrageous and irresponsible (“Support of profiling law outrageous,” May 7).

To describe the recent law passed in Arizona as a “profiling law” is inflammatory nonsense. It’s difficult to believe that The Tribune has not researched the content of the law, which specifically prohibits profiling.

On the other hand, if the law has been researched, then this is a blatant example of the “big lie.” As written, the Arizona law closely parallels federal law in scope and intent — a law that our elected officials are loath to enforce, apparently for purely political reasons.

Controlling illegal immigration is one of the few activities legitimately required of the federal government. The populace of the nation favors Arizona’s action 2-to-1 (an IBD/TIPP poll reports that 60 percent are in favor, 30 percent oppose). You do a grave disservice to the local political candidates for castigating their support of it.

George Powers

Arroyo Grande

What’s the problem?

I’m dark, short and a little pudgy and drive a 1967 Ford pickup. I make several trips a year to Texas and, while driving through Arizona, I have in my possession a driver’s license, my car registration and my vehicle insurance papers. So what’s the problem?

Bud Grant

Morro Bay