Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/16

Go to AA, not a movie

I keep hearing about beer/wine and the possibility of them being sold at movie theaters. It is a sad world to think a person can’t enjoy a movie without drinking. If the movie is that bad, maybe they should pick another movie. They can always rent a movie and drink at home. This really sets a bad example for their children. Better yet, maybe they belong at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting instead.

Judy Thomas

Arroyo Grande

Del Mar thanks

On March 21, the Del Mar Elementary School PTA held our fourth annual Art Auction and Barbecue. The event was a dynamic success, raising more than $25,000 to support our school. This would not have been possible without the generous donation of time and energy by so many in our community.

Special, heartfelt thanks to all those who donated auction items, such as gift certificates, hand-crafted items and beautiful works of art. Thank you to our parents, school staff and community volunteers who gave countless hours of their time to once again ensure the success of our annual Del Mar art auction fundraiser.

We are pleased to have so many friends of Del Mar, a California Distinguished School, and we look forward to seeing you again next spring.

Janet Gould, Principal

Joan Solu, Del Mar PTA President

Shut down the Dunes

O come all ye faithful and righteous citizens of San Luis Obispo, you who are so upset by the smoke on sidewalks, the feeding of ducks and past- bedtime partying. I beg you to rise and stand against the most repulsive polluter of them all: the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Your South County neighbors are assaulted on a daily basis by the noise, smoke, particular matter and trash produced by 2 million vehicles that drive every year down Pier and Grand avenues in front of our homes, businesses and on our beach.

Pismo Beach has already outlawed driving and smoking on its beach. Why is it that you all up north can obtain what you want concerning clean air, safety, peace and quiet while we down south are forced to tolerate this monstrosity?

We are all together in this boat. I wish and hope you become as protective of our backyard as you are of yours because the spoiling of our southern beaches is your loss too. It is not premature to shut down the Dunes. What should we wait for? Someone will come down with a terminal illness and sue the county? Then we all will have to pay for it, big time.

Lucia Casalinuovo


Get on your bike

Wow! The Bike Month kick-off party held at Branch Street Deli in the village of Arroyo Grande was a tremendous kickoff to Bike Month. More than 140 cyclists attended the second annual event. We had the first ever bike happening in the South County where 40 cyclists paraded through the streets of the downtown area. There was outstanding music all day provided by the band Moon Pie, and there were lots of prizes for those who attended.

I want to give a huge thank you to Rideshare for organizing the event and also to the following bike-friendly sponsors who went out of their way to make this growing event so special: Ira’s Bike Shop, New Belgium Brewing Company, Lezyne.com, Branch Street Deli and the San Luis Obispo Bike Coalition.

There are still more than 50 bike events that are planned during the month of May, so get on your bike and be a part of the growing movement in San Luis Obispo County.

Janet George

Pismo Beach

Katcho not a moderate

When I read The Tribune’s endorsement of Katcho Achadjian for the 33rd District State Assembly on the grounds that Achadjian is a “moderate” who provides the “swing vote” as the “man in the middle” on the Board of Supervisors, I had to check the date to see if I’d picked a paper from 2002 (“Katcho Achadjian is clear choice for Republicans,” May 2).

Nope! You just haven’t seemed to notice that Katcho “swung” to the right many years ago and stayed there. I guess that accounts for your confusion when Achadjian came out in favor of Arizona’s ghastly “papers, please” law and you hurled a brickbat at your just-endorsed candidate.

Now I see Joe Tarica has also been startled awake (“Support for Arizona law is disgusting,” May 8) and noticed that Achadjian is “pandering to the basest level of his Republican base.”

News flash: This is the California Coastal Commissioner with one of the worst environmental voting records in the history of the Coastal Commission. As a county supervisor, his love for the developers and their money has stamped his name on every Nipomo traffic jam. And now, Achadjian loves racial profiling (so long as it’s “Constitutional”).

Thank you, Hilda Zacarias, for giving voters a clear choice.

Joan Carter

Morro Bay