Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Arizona Law

Tribune is mixed up

You got it backwards. The Republican 33rd District State Assembly candidates deserve the bouquet and I’ll send the brickbat back to you (“Support of profiling law outrageous,” May 7).

The Arizona immigration law makes it illegal to be here illegally. It mirrors the federal law. Racial profiling is prohibited by the Arizona law and the federal law. Random stops are not allowed; the law requires reasonable suspicion.

Priscilla Beadle

San Luis Obispo

Inflammatory column

While I can appreciate that Bill Morem’s aim is to lambaste and lampoon Republican candidates in his column of May 12, I find it disingenuous to use as the crux of his argument the statement that the recent Arizona immigration law will allow “law enforcement to pull you over because of the color of your skin or the accent of your voice” (“What a lovely bunch of coconuts”).

This is simply not true and at its base, inflammatory. The law allows the state to enforce an immigration law, something the past three administrations have been unable or unwilling to do. Our borders need to be secure and because the federal government will not do it, the states must.

Steven Lock

Paso Robles

Tribune is outrageous

Your editorial throwing brickbats at 33rd District Assembly candidates for supporting Arizona’s new illegal immigrant law was itself outrageous, but par for the liberal course you usually take (“Support of profiling law outrageous,” May 7).

You should have saved yourself the energy throwing those brickbats for more intelligent and constructive ideas. You continue to perpetuate the error of broadcasting the idea that this is profiling. The law specifically prohibits it.

Further, you suggest the weak and ineffective concept of immigration reform. In the Tribune’s mind, this would be amnesty and the concept of San Luis Obispo as a sanctuary city — a la San Francisco.

I suggest that the Arizona law become much more widespread and common among the United States of America.

Not all illegal immigrants are Mexican. Asians and multi-ethnic terrorists have also used the Mexican border for their entry. Think clearly on this, editorial board, and you may change your discordant note tune.

Tom Stoery

Arroyo Grande