Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Sheriff’s Race

Parkinson skilled

San Luis Obispo County is fortunate to have a broad slate of candidates running for the office of sheriff. One stands out as an excellent choice.

During my public career, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the skills and commitment of Ian Parkinson. Parkinson showed me a deep understanding of day-to-day operations of our local police department, easily conveying an understanding of the needs and policies of the department for budget and tactical purposes.

More importantly, I witnessed Parkinson’s handling of stressful situations with a calm demeanor and commitment to resolving issues with the lowest impact on the community and department resources.

John Ewan

San Luis Obispo

Lenthall succeeds

Jerry Lenthall has the combined characteristics and attributes that would make a great sheriff. With enough personal exposure to the serious candidates for this important and demanding job, I am comfortable saying that Lenthall brings the right combination of experience and attitude for success.

Joseph A. Smith

Retired Chief Deputy, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department

Cortez is a leader

Police Chief Joe Cortez hired me into the Pismo Beach Police Department in 2002. I felt instantly at home there as everyone worked closely and we all were treated as valued members of the team.

After only a short time on the job, a serious incident occurred that required me to report a theft committed by my direct supervisor. When I met with Chief Cortez the next day regarding the matter, the first thing he asked me was how was I doing? He understood the stress I was under and let me know he respected my courage and integrity in coming forward without hesitation.

I realized that Chief Cortez was committed to honesty, not coverup. Although it could have been easy for the chief to sweep this under the rug, I was grateful I was working for a department with integrity and ethics.

The way this incident was handled is a testimony to the leadership of Chief Cortez, and that is exactly the kind of leadership our sheriff’s department needs. Rachelle LaPan

Morro Bay