Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/15

Taking good care

Too bad William Alexander (“What’s next?” April 24) didn’t live in San Luis Obispo when the Poly Royal riots took place and almost every business storefront on Foothill Boulevard was smashed, destruction occurred all over town and we were told to stay in our homes for three days! My fence was torn down.

Too bad that Alexander did not live in San Luis Obispo when marauding culprits damaged property all over town and stole childrens’ pumpkins from yards and smashed them in the middle of streets on Halloween.

Alexander should live in San Luis Obispo today and watch the police round up at 6 a.m. all of the St. Patrick’s Day drunks. This roundup goes on all day.

For years, I was guilty of feeding the ducks, but now I realize we do the ducks harm by enabling them out of their natural environment. Maybe Alex-ander will understand better if he comes to Laguna Lake and swims in the large amount of duck excrement or wants to drink the water.

I thank the San Luis Obispo City Council and especially the police department for taking such good care of its citizens. That includes all of us, students and town folk alike.

Naoma Wright

San Luis Obispo

A failed idea

When he announced his candidacy for the state Senate, Sam Blake-slee advocated reducing business regulation. What will it take for Blakeslee and all Republicans to understand the utter failure of that belief?

A deregulated Wall Street led the nation into a deep recession, costing us millions of jobs. A deregulated mining industry led to the deaths of 29 miners and the worst mining disaster in 40 years. And a deregulated oil industry (with the help of George Bush and Dick Cheney) allowed British Petroleum to skip installing a critical safety device leading to the death of 11 workers and a burgeoning environmental catastrophe.

Republicans constantly work to rig the rules to benefit themselves and their friends. Speaking of that, Blakeslee, what role did you have in setting a special election date for mid-summer to help ensure your election?

Myra Tompkins

San Luis Obispo

The enemy within

If you ever loved your country, now had better be the time. We old folks have had a good life even though we went through the Great Depression and from that into World War II and from there into Korea and then Vietnam.

Sounds pretty depressing, but we had our freedom, which, by the way, we fought hard for from outside sources. Now, however, in our sunset years, we are sitting by and watching the enemy that is within our own borders.

While we lived our lives and enjoyed them, despite our own trials and tribulations, our children and grandchildren are faced with a more despicable enemy, one that will leave no prisoners. That’s right, our bloated, corrupt government that is determined to change everything we hold dear. Is that the legacy we want to leave our loved ones?

Remember, we are still examples. Let’s be bold and throw all the corrupt politicians out.

Joan Le Grand

Arroyo Grande