Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/13

Follow the rules

Coming out of New Frontiers recently, I saw a driver parking while talking on his cell phone. I walked over, waited until he opened the door and asked him if he was aware of the law prohibiting cell phone use while driving. In return, I received a barrage of gutter language, was called a Nazi and was told the police would be called because I was harassing him.

Recently, my wife and I visited both Montaña de Oro and Tidelands Park with our small dog. At both parks, there were numerous dogs running off leash. My wife and I separately asked several dog owners if they were aware of the leash laws that were prominently posted. The response was either laughter or a quick “thank you” with no action to remedy the prohibited behavior.

On numerous occasions, I have said something to bikers and skateboarders on the Cal Poly campus who should not have been riding where they were. Again, for the most part, I was rewarded with derisive commentary or just ignored.

What kind of society do we live in where people break laws or violate rules for their own convenience regardless of how that impacts the welfare of others? I certainly don’t want a police state, but I’d appreciate suggestions for how we might deal with such incivility.

Jay Devore

Los Osos

Kokkonen’s courage

Contrary to what Michelle Tasseff said (“Kokkonen’s wrong,” May 9), Matt Kokkonen has done his homework about Santa Maria’s drug and gang problems. This does not mean that the majority of its residents are not wonderful, caring individuals, but Kokkonen has the courage to speak up about its real problems.

As a graduate of Righetti High School in Santa Maria, I have watched the city deteriorate over the last decade. I have talked with many friends and officers who have told me about the city’s problems. For example, they have had problems with illegal immigrants who have been stopped for drunk driving or other traffic violations.

They do not have driver’s licenses, insurance or registered cars. The officers issue a citation, but the individuals do not show up in court because usually the personal identification given is incorrect. If their cars are towed and impounded, quite often those cars will not be claimed because the minimum fee is $900.

Speaking about these problems does not mean Kokkonen promotes hate. Actually, it is a sign of caring enough about a community to identify and then rectify those problems. That is what a concerned leader is expected to do.

Richie Gill

San Luis Obispo

In retrospect

Had the Dalidio ranch development been built as approved by Measure J in 2006, we would have a Prado Road overpass by now at no net cost to the taxpayers, which would have helped to relieve congestion at Los Osos Valley Road and its overpass.

Charles Z. Haley

San Luis Obispo

Seismic testing

To Rep. Lois Capps, the county Board of Supervisors, the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, the Sierra Club, the city of Morro Bay, Mothers for Peace and the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility:

Thank you all for speaking out for the citizens of San Luis Obispo County. The sensible, reasonable and necessary seismic studies around the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant need to be done using the foremost technology possible to ascertain where, what and how much of a seismic event will happen.

It is only a matter of time before we are faced with this eventuality. Between the seismic vulnerability, the high level of nuclear waste being stored at the plant with no time limit and the once through cooling system being so detrimental to sea life, the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. application for re-licensing Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant should not be considered until these issues are fully assessed and steps are taken to secure the health and safety of not only the plant, but the people and other living organisms surrounding it.

Marty Brown