Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/12

Education’s failures

To anyone who wants to know why our schools have a dismal record of teaching our children, the Viewpoint by Julian Crocker, “The skills our students need to succeed” (May 8), tells the story. This article is the same pile of pomp-ous clichés behind which education bureaucrats hide their failures.

To set the record straight, I must say that I am of a generation that did not learn the litany of “skills” that the superintendent favors. I just had a good, classical educat-ion in which I acquired enough knowledge —much by rote — to acquire more knowledge by myself. I had a successful career with international corporations where I worked on joint projects with foreign countries.

Mathematics and science taught me to think and gave me the basis to understand new technologies. History and geography helped me appreciate cultures and circumstances outside my world. The study of grammar, language and literature was all I needed to communicate clearly.

Later on, on my own, I learned foreign languages as needed. All that helped me go through life without having people teach me “skills” they do not possess themselves. What our students need is a solid, classical education, not the superintendent’s pablum.

Austin DuBrulle

Arroyo Grande

Learning submission

Peruse the episode guide for Comedy Central’s “South Park” and you will see examples of them taking advantage of their liberty of free speech.

Topics subject to “South Park’s” satire include, but are not limited to: race, culture, hate crimes, child abuse, bodily functions, body parts, sexual preference, celebrities, religion, religious leaders, political leaders and various diseases.

The recent controversy with the image of Muhammad on a “South Park” episode, and its subsequent censorship, provides us a window to our future: obey the hadith as enforced by modern-day jihadists or fear for your life.

Jihadist enforcement practices work. Comedy Central has learned obedience, just as the American media also learned, as evidenced by their self-censorship of images of Muhammad.

In the future, as you enjoy (or not) watching the latest episode of “South Park,” you may ask in amazement, “Is there anything these guys will not mock?” The answer is “yes.”

Muhammad is the one sacred topic. One by one, facets of our culture are learning submission. What did Patrick Henry know anyway?

Madalyn McDaniel


LOVR repair

This week, the heavily congested Los Osos Valley Road overpass for Highway 101 will be closed all evening long for repairs.

I can imagine how much easier this would be today had Ernie Dalidio’s project not been sabotaged by narrow-minded and greedy business interests a few years ago. Once the Los Osos Valley Road structure is repaired, it will remain just as congested and dangerous in the absence of relief Dalidio could have offered. Too bad.

Lee Ferrero

Los Osos

Think of the savings

My wife came up with a money-saving suggestion for Jerry Lenthall. Instead of making signs saying “Vote for Jerry Lenthall for Sheriff,” just drop the “for Sheriff.” That way, Lenthall can use the same signs over and over for the next elections because for him, it seems like there is always a next election. Matt Kokkonen, you might also take note.

David Sumi

San Luis Obispo