Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/9

Changing Morro Bay

At the Morro Bay candidates forum, we heard the same mantra we hear every election from nearly all of the candidates: “Must pledge loyalty to police and fire and promise to make it easier for businesses.”

First, you talk police and fire to scare people. Then, promise a better climate for businesses. The business and developer candidates have dominated the mayor and City Council majority positions for the last 20 years! If businesses don’t like the condition of the city, blame it on themselves.

Only one mayoral candidate, Betty Winholtz, easily ventured off the standard diatribe to mention our community library and other needs of our citizens. There were also fresh ideas from city council candidates Jack Smith and Nancy Johnson. Let’s try these candidates who look at the whole community for a change.

Ric Deschler

Morro Bay

Tune out, turn off

I liked reading an article from someone else who doesn’t want to constantly be in touch or on call (“Tech fugitive relishes flight from Cyberia,” April 25). How can you really relax if you are constantly working with some electronic gadget or connected to someone? We live in such a beautiful world here on the Central Coast — how about just unplugging and enjoying?

I watched a young man on the beach and pier in Cayucos a couple of days ago with a cell phone, apparently turned on. As soon as he began jogging, the phone would go off and he would answer. It was a really beautiful morning and he was there to enjoy his exercise, but instead was answering his cell phone.

Think about how much more he would have gotten out of his time if he turned off the cell phone and tuned into himself and his surroundings.

Sharon Roberts


Thanks for donations

On behalf of the Samoa Bowl Association, I would like to thank the following local businesses, schools and community members for all of their help and donations that made our efforts to donate sports equipment to student and youth athletes in American Samoa such a success. San Luis Obispo is part of a dozen such efforts across the country, and our donations will really make a difference.

Many thanks to: Evaki Imports, Far West Containers, The Sign Place, Meathead Movers, R.P. Ramsay Construction and San Luis Trust Bank for their in-kind and cash donations.

Thanks to the staff and coaches of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo High School, Arroyo Grande High School, Atascadero High School and Mission Prep for donating equipment from a variety of sports.

Thanks to San Luis Obispo High School students Stuart Jacques, Tomas Jimenez and Mason Orradre for organizing and collecting equipment donations during the community drive (in the rain). To The Tribune and KSBY for helping us getting the word out.

And most especially thanks to everyone from Santa Maria to Paso Robles who donated equipment and money. I was amazed at the response to this effort, and I am so proud to say that I live here.

Terri Jacques

San Luis Obispo

Kokkonen’s wrong

Matt Kokkonen is clearly someone who fails to do his homework. His comment that Santa Maria is being turned into a “gang-infested jungle” is not even remotely true. As someone who works in the city’s northwest side, I can tell you that the gang members are NOT illegal immigrants. If this were true, the police would simply deport them. Problem solved.

In fact, the majority of the people of Santa Maria (legal and illegal) are wonderful, caring individuals. This kind of inaccurate information is used by people such as Mr. Kokkonen to promote hate and apparently to promote himself. As Benjamin Bratt said of San Francisco’s Mission District, “Yes, there is gang violence. But at its heart and soul, it’s a place that holds family life sacred.”

This is the city I love, Mr. Kokkonen. In the future, Mr. Kokkonen should start first by checking his information.

Michelle Tasseff

San Luis Obispo

Thanks Mesa!

Recently, Mesa Middle School staff took the Renaissance students bowling to reward them for getting a 3.0 grade point average or higher. While there, we got to play two games plus get snacks, play in the arcade and just hang out.

After that, we got on the bus, went back to school, had lunch and then spent the rest of the day having a field day playing soccer, kickball and more. During this fun experience it really made me proud to be a Mesa Hawk!

That has led me to write this thank you letter to show thanks to the Mesa Middle School staff for the awesome reward. Thank you, Mesa Middle School!

William Allen

Seventh-grader, Mesa Middle School