Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/8

Obscene spending

I am outraged and appalled as to the obscene amounts of money that Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are pouring into their campaigns.

Especially now, with the times, many people are barely surviving. What is wrong with these two? Out of control, out of touch and just out there. If I’m watching TV and there’s one of their accusatory, horribly done ads, it’s an automatic turn off for the TV, the energy is just so negative.

I believe you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution and these two fit the former.

The Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter, supposedly a temporary shelter, is in such disrepair. Plans are drawn for a new shelter, combining the Prado Day Center with the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter, but will we get funding? Until you actually experience and realize how dire circumstances are for many, it’s a problem!

Problems are negative, solutions positive. Write to Whitman and Poizner, express your discontent with them and how they don’t even address important issues or solutions.

Peti Johnson

Los Osos

Say no to election

I have written Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the special election for the 15th Senate District seat and I urge all county residents to do so as well. We need to voice our concern over the special elections and the fiscal irresponsible message they send at a time when library hours are being cut, county workers are taking pay cuts and educators are taking furlough days. The $1 million price tag will greatly impact the services available to us as county residents.

How can the governor justify this unnecessary added expense during these fiscally difficult times? I heard on the local news that he is blaming legislators for delaying the appointment of Abel Maldonado to lieutenant governor. This is hardly a justification for putting a financial burden on our county.

When the governor began his pursuit of getting Maldonado appointed to office, he knew he would be up against members who opposed his choice. The governor must take responsibility for his own decisions.

If Gov. Schwarzenegger wants a special election, let him send us a personal check first! Please, write or e-mail the governor and say “pay first” if you want a special election.

Karen Reyes

Paso Robles

Vote Waterfield

If increased taxes concern you, Etta Waterfield is the best choice to fight for us in Sacramento. If she won the 33rd State Assembly District seat, she would bring fresh, nonpolitical ideas and common sense to the officials of our Capitol.

Her experience and knowledge gained from being the coordinator for the Santa Maria Valley Economic Development Commission and a member of the Santa Maria Planning Commission is what we need to change the past legislative bottleneck.

We need to vote for Waterfield as the only candidate with a realistic approach to change.

Mike Smith

Santa Maria