Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/6

Smoking ban wise

On behalf of the San Luis Obispo Tobacco Control Coalition, I wish to thank Mayor Dave Romero and the city council members for their wise decision recently to pass Ordinance 1545, “Smoking Prohibited in Public Places.”

Just the day before the vote, my family and I noticed the odor of cigarettes multiple times invading the stores we were in. I am bothered by this smell not because of its unpleasant scent, but because smelling it reminds me that my family and I are involuntarily breathing in toxic, harmful air.

By after the city council meeting, I was delighted, knowing that from now on in San Luis Obispo city, we will be able to visit parks, stores, restaurants, etc, and not have to breathe in the carcinogenic fumes of cigarettes.

The data regarding the harms of smoking and secondhand smoking continue to multiply. Recently, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published findings that smoking bans reduce hospital admission rates for not just heart attacks (which was already known), but also angina, stroke, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia. Your decision demonstrates a meaningful step in community health and advocacy.

Thank you so much.

Laura Slaughter

Tobacco Control Coalition co-chair

Purple Heart Trail

A three-year-long project designed to honor those wounded or killed in the service of this great nation has come to fruition with the completion of the signage being installed indicating that Highway 101 from San Ardo to Los Alamos is now officially part of the nationally recognized “Purple Heart Trail.”

Thanks to the efforts of a cross section of our community and support from as far away as New Jersey, the dream of saluting those who have paid the price for our freedoms has been realized.

It is hoped that these signs will serve as reminders that there are those who serve and pay for our freedoms. It is also hoped that when those who have paid the price and their families see the signs, they find solace that they are remembered.

The signs will finally serve as guideposts to the wonderful veteran memorials and museums throughout our county that serve to honor our veterans.

Tim Haley