Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: From Shell Beach Elementary Students

Editor’s note: Below is a small sampling of letters from sixth-grade students at Shell Beach Elementary School. Under the guidance of teachers Matt Schmieg and Steve Vukovich, students were encouraged to voice their concerns and ideas about the world they live in.

Give students a say

Why shouldn’t students have a say in which teachers get laid off? Lucia Mar School District is laying off teachers due to budget cuts. I understand the economy isn’t in the greatest condition, but some of the best teachers are losing their jobs. There are many teachers who do not have tenure who are better teachers than those who do. Teachers should be laid off according to how well they teach, not how long they have taught.

In any other occupation, if you are not doing a good job, you are either fired or placed in a different position. Shouldn’t the same regulation apply to teachers? Pink slips should first only be given to those who are not doing their job well and then to the teachers who were last hired if more pink slips are needed.

I think the students should have a say in which teachers go because they are the ones around the teachers 30 hours or more a week. They know which teachers aren’t very nice and the ones who aren’t doing their job well. If students could say how the teachers interact with the children, then the district would have teachers that students actually like and learn from.

Charlotte Ross

Desalinate water

The county of San Luis Obispo is a great place, but I think we can make it better. I think we should have more solar desalination plants around here.

A solar desalination plant separates water and salt. So if you took water from the ocean, you could put it in the desalination plant and you would have fresh, drinkable water, if it was treated.

Some solar desalination plants are mobile, so we could bring water to people in disaster areas. I know it will be taking water out of our oceans, but we would be able to end the thirst of millions.

I think it would be very helpful to have more solar desalination plants around.

Ali Mcguirk

Junior Lifeguards

I feel really strongly about this issue. I think all kids should be able to do the Junior Lifeguard program. Junior Lifeguards is really great because firefighters come together to assemble this program and it allows kids to have fun and know someone’s there to watch us so we make the right choices.

The program is mostly about having fun and keeping a commitment. They also teach us that if you set your goals and you try and give it your best effort, you can accomplish your goals. Remember, the lifeguards put in their own time to come and teach us how to be a Junior Lifeguard.

Alec Tanner Nevis

A simple solution

I have always been very sad when pounds put innocent dogs and other animals to sleep. Usually it is because they’ve run out of room! Dogs only get about 48 hours before they can be put to sleep. Imagine if you were to go to the pound to see if your dog was there and it had just been put to sleep. That would be devastating.

A simple answer would be to take a piece of property, put up fences around the perimeter of the area, put up a feeding trough for food and water (like horses), plant a few trees and presto! A simple solution.

We have wonderful programs like Habitat for Humanity. Why not have programs like that for the animals? If this plan worked, we would only hold dogs with rabies or who are sick or hurt, etc. I bet that almost everybody at my school would donate at least 25 cents to $1 for this cause. There are millions of possibilities to help these furry companions.

Madison Hunstad

Keep D.A.R.E.

One of the wonderful programs here at my school, Shell Beach Elementary, is a program called D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). This program helps keep kids away from drugs and violence.

An officer comes to my classroom and teaches all sorts of facts about what drugs can do to you. Awhile ago, I learned that other schools don’t have the same program, so I feel my school is very fortunate to have officers come out once a week to teach sixth-graders these things.

A lot of the things that my D.A.R.E. officer has taught me are things that I will never forget. One of those things is when someone asks you to try and do something you know is not right, there are many ways to say “no.” A few of those ways are: walking away, avoiding the situation, just saying “no,” changing the subject or even using humor.

I hope that they will give other schools a chance to learn the same things. I also think they should keep this program at my school.

Mychal Benson

Save our schools!

What is happening to California? We used to be a financially safe state, but now we are down to budget cuts and laying off teachers. Teachers are a big part of California’s success and firing them isn’t in anyone’s best interest.

Kids like me know that our schools have less money, so laying off teaches seems like the right idea, but it isn’t. What kind of world would we live in if nobody had an education? And those educations start in elementary school.

The state of California needs to take action in giving kids the education they deserve. Giving kids proper places to learn is a big problem in California. We need safe schools and good teachers.

One of my school’s favorite and best teachers got fired because of budget cuts. This shouldn’t be happening. The president needs to help out with this problem. Save our schools!

R.J. Jones

Smelly fields

Do you like baseball? Well, I know I do. I’ve been playing since I was six years old at the Beach Cities Little League fields.

Do you know what they put right next to those fields? A sewer treatment plant. I couldn’t believe they put that right there.

It smells terrible and distracts you from your game. There’s really no upside to this disgusting thing. I don’t know about you, but I want it gone.

Landon Carter