Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/5

Bridge support

Recently, you’ve printed letters voicing opposition to the Prefumo Creek bridge. These letters have touted statistics and “informal surveys” that hold no merit. They also falsely represent the overwhelming community support for the bridge and instead convey the interests of a small number of residents (without school-age children) whose backyards surround the bridge. I would like to point out a few facts these letters have not discussed.

One of the letters suggested the need for 100 percent support from Windermere homeowners. The fact is that Windermere’s board already approved the necessary easement. In 2006, they approached the city and asked to provide the easement in exchange for conversion of their recreation room. Is it legal for the current membership to change an agreement already made?

A more recent letter claimed that the Public Works Department “quietly” planned the bridge while the neighborhoods were “not even consulted.” The fact is that the 2006 grant application for the bridge included a letter of support from the Laguna Shores Association.

Additionally, the city received letters of support from both neighborhood schools, numerous residents, the San Luis Obispo Police Department, the Bicycle Coalition and Safe Routes to Schools.

The community wants and needs this bridge!

Jonathan Roberts

San Luis Obispo

Determined vision

On April 17, a group of Los Osos citizens participated in the replanting of the gateway median into Los Osos. The project was organized by “Celebrate Los Osos” and I would like to say thank you.

The reason it could be completed was because it was organized with a vision, and that vision provided the determination and tenacity to get the job done. I know that there were hurdles that almost waylaid this project several times, and if it wasn’t for Mimi Kalland’s persistence and dedication, it wouldn’t be completed today.

If it wasn’t for the knowledge and patience of the Earthscapes crew, it wouldn’t be completed today. If Dave Flynn from San Luis Obispo County Public Works hadn’t been willing to help train us in traffic safety and keep his eyes on everyone all day, it wouldn’t be completed today, and if the volunteers hadn’t showed up, it wouldn’t be completed today.

I am grateful to each and every one of the people that touched this project in one way or another. There are some really great things that happen in our community, so thank you!

Maria M. Kelly

Los Osos

Ugly old fear

I am small and dark. If I try to drive an old truck through Arizona, would I get pulled over on the assumption that I might not be “legal”? And my best friend who is blonde and blue-eyed, would she be pulled over in the same old truck? Or would she be allowed to freely reach her destination?

I’m pretty sure something akin to this ugly old fear has infected people before. And if I remember my history right, as soon as that ugly old fear rises to power, it turns murderous.

Dian Sousa

Los Osos