Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Endorsements

Dedicated Teixeira

In every social circle, there is that small percentage that give up their time for the benefit of the group. Often, they are not thanked or even acknowledged, but they continue to give of themselves because they genuinely care about the people in their community.

Paul Teixeira is one of those people. Not in just one circle, but in many.

He dedicates countless hours to helping others, and whether he is working toward improving our schools and our parks or spending time with senior citizens, Teixeira is always sacrificing his time for the greater good.

Teixeira wants what is best for this county and has the experience, energy and the common sense that we need in a supervisor. He is an every-day, down-to-earth person with a whole lot of heart and the skill set necessary for this position.

I urge everyone to learn as much as you can because it is not every election that you see a true public servant nominated to represent the people. If we want to re-strengthen our nation, we have to start by putting the right people in office, and I believe that Paul Teixeira is the caliber of person we need to represent us.

James Murphy


Winholtz for mayor

I will be voting for Betty Winholtz for mayor of Morro Bay because she has repeatedly sought to bring financial integrity and responsibility to city government. There has been no greater need for this than in the present economic turmoil.

Winholtz has the skill set and determination to guide the city forward with the best possible outcome.

Winholtz has always done her homework, tackled the issues and asked the tough questions. Her integrity and her affection for the people and city of Morro Bay have made her an excellent representative for the past eight years.

I think the citizens would be well-rewarded in having Winholtz and her energy working toward a stable, fiscally sound and exciting future for Morro Bay.

Anne Sidaris-Reeves

Morro Bay

Grantham needed

When you meet Rick Grantham, you know you have met a gentleman. He is thoughtful in his manner and in his responses, especially when it comes to the city of Morro Bay.

Councilman Grantham won’t shy away from an honest answer, but has an uncanny way of looking at both sides and going with his common sense response. He has served this town well and now wants to do it as mayor. 

Councilman Grantham always comes prepared to the meetings, having studied the agenda and ready to give his arguments for and against. He has worn many hats in his adult life, giving him a world of experience to bring to the table of ideas. We need his experience more than ever in this economic environment. It takes someone who knows finance and has business acumen. 

He is also a nice man who cares about the people who live here and wants what is best for them. You will see him tenacious in getting his point across, but you will never see him angry or belittle anyone to get his point across. He is a gentleman, he has class and we need his experience. We need him as our next mayor.

S.C. Tannler

Morro Bay

Cortez sets the bar

I recently read an article on the amounts of money collected by the current candidates for sheriff (“The money race is on among candidates for local offices,” Feb. 22). Please tell me that you will be looking into what really matters — experience!

Look for education that directly relates to the command of a law enforcement agency. Does the man with the most money have a college degree? Is the ex-politician who didn’t garner enough trust and confidence from the voters in the last election to even remain in office the guy that will garner the trust and confidence of seasoned law enforcement professionals?

The CHP is an incredible group of traffic officers tasked with the job of keeping the roads safe, but there is a reason why the police and sheriffs investigate the major crimes committed on the state highways, not the CHP.

Look for strong leadership that has a measurable degree of success. Verifiable education, experience and respect in the law enforcement community. Not the retired law enforcement community, the current one he is expected to work with. I see one candidate that sets the bar, a bar the others can only aspire to. Vote for Joe Cortez for sheriff!

Rick Rivadeneyra


Lenthall is the one

I am writing on behalf of sheriff candidate Jerry Lenthall. This year’s election for sheriff is unique in the large number of candidates running for office. I believe Lenthall is the one candidate that has all the bases covered.

He has had a distinguished 30-year career in law enforcement, including command of a multi-agency task force. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy’s Specialized Training programs. He has received a commendation from Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the FBI. The San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has awarded him a Distinguished Service Award.

He has served on a statewide governor-appointed criminal justice council. He has served as a county supervisor. He has not only a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly, but also a master’s degree from the University of Redlands.

Compare candidates’ resumes and I believe you will find that Lenthall is best suited to become the next sheriff of San Luis Obispo County. Join me in voting for Jerry Lenthall in the June election.

Ray Johnson


Guthrie for the 4th

Jim Guthrie is uniquely qualified to be 4th District supervisor. He is the only candidate who has been elected and served in a legislative body like the Board of Supervisors. As manager of a large local hotel for 19 years, he has developed the business skills essential for the critical financial and personnel problems the county supervisors must solve.

Jim is not obligated to any special interests. In fact, nearly 400 residents have contributed to his campaign. Jim is endorsed by 30 current and former elected officials who recognize that his years of local government experience are essential to being an effective supervisor.

Experience counts. This position is too important for on-the-job training. Please join me in electing Jim Guthrie on June 8. For more information about Guthrie, visit his website, jimguthrie4supervisor.com.

Ed Eby