Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/2

Endorsing Waterfield

Etta Waterfield is the best candidate for the 33rd Assembly District in a time such as this. Waterfield cares about California and wants to keep and bring back businesses to California.

She was raised in a family that owned their own small business, plus she has served as the coordinator of the Santa Maria Economic Development Commission as well as the Santa Maria Planning Commission. She knows business and what it takes to attract and keep a business.

Waterfield is a person of integrity and honesty, yet focused on the goals that will bring California back to being a prosperous state again.

Waterfield is also very personable and approachable, which gives her the ability to work well with a variety of people at all levels and parties of government as well as in the private sector.

A vote for Etta Waterfield will be positive vote for a fiscally responsible California government.

Joan Taylor

Arroyo Grande

Follow the duck rule

I appreciated The Tribune’s editorial voicing support for the San Luis Obispo City Council’s ordinance forbidding the feeding of waterfowl (“Let’s not grouse about new rules,” April 14). My daughter and I have been to Laguna Lake several times over the past year. Whenever we visit the ducks, we find all sorts of bread products bobbing on the water’s edge. We typically find several full loaves of bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, dinner rolls and baguettes, along with plastic bags and twist ties scattered about.

We spend anywhere from a half hour to an hour fishing out the soggy bread and picking up the trash. As we do this, people show up with more bread and continue tossing it out towards the birds.

Well-intentioned people don’t realize that they are doing more harm than good. A diet of white bread can be fatal to birds. Bread has very little nutritional value and will cause ducks to be malnourished. Their organs become engorged and fatty, and they suffer from health complications, causing premature death.

Rotting food pollutes the water and breeds diseases. Feeding ducks attracts rats and predators that kill ducks. If people really care about the ducks, they will stop feeding them.

Johanna Andris

San Luis Obispo

Joe Cortez is qualified

Wanted: A candidate for sheriff with true experience, education and qualifications.

Joe Cortez has spent 36 years in law enforcement with 15 as Pismo’s chief of police.

He has balanced every budget as chief and even returned more than $1 million to the city’s general funds.

He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy with a degree in criminal justice. A college degree is a basic requirement to be a sergeant in most small police departments in the country. I want my sheriff to have a degree!

He has proven he can professionally and compassionately manage national media attention after the horrific Denny’s shooting in Pismo Beach.

Wanted: A real leader. Joe Cortez for sheriff!

Jennifer Poelking

Grover Beach

Frasier at library

In addition to books, our library system has current popular movies and previous seasons of popular TV shows. You can also recommend movies or TV shows for them to acquire.

In response to a suggestion to order the 11 seasons of the comedy series “Frasier,” the first three seasons have been made available thanks to Steve Kinsey of the library headquarters staff.  

Hopefully, the remaining eight seasons will follow soon. Using www.blackgold.org, you can have each season delivered for pick up at your local library for only 50 cents.  

If we use the first three seasons enough, the remaining eight seasons will certainly be added.

J.L. Cornett


Endorsing Guthrie

After attending several forums and listening to Mike Zimmerman, Paul Teixeira and Jim Guthrie, I believe that Guthrie is the most qualified candidate for 4th District Supervisor. 

He has experience in business as the longtime manager of a Shell Beach hotel, and he has experience in government as an Arroyo Grande City Councilman and a former Arroyo Grande Planning Commission member. 

He knows how to get things accomplished and how to work with others. His answers to questions are well thought out and well presented without being full of buzz words and popular phrases. I encourage voters to take a good look. I think you’ll agree.

Penny Sheridan

Arroyo Grande

Thanks from class

The Paso Robles High School anatomy class wants to send out a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful community for supporting the course. The class is designed for juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a career in medical sciences.

Emily Taylor and Christy Strand from Cal Poly: Thank you for allowing our students to explore the cadavers and anatomy lab.

Justin Davis from Las Tablas Medical Group: Thank you for coming in multiple times to offer guidance about medical school and to share your experiences.

The Regional Transit Authority: Thank you for generously allowing us to ride on the buses for free to Cal Poly, saving us from raising $1,200 to cover district buses.

Paso Robles Veterinary Medical Clinic: Thank you for disposing of our dissected cats and saving us the cremation fees. The cats came from overcrowded shelters.

Vineyard Hills Health Center: Thank you for donated gloves used for dissections.

Families of our students: Thank you for your donations, which helped cover costs of labs and equipment.

Paso Robles High School still maintains a high standard of excellence even in these troubled times. However, without our community’s support, our greatest efforts as educators would fall short. Thank you so much for helping us educate our youth.

Jon-Paul Ewing

Anatomy teacher, Paso Robles High School