Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/1

Deadly poisons

I am hoping to educate those who think the smoking ban is without merit. As an asthmatic who is deathly allergic to the poisons in commercially produced cigarettes (not just the smoke, but the poisons left on butts and that leach from a smoker’s skin, hair and clothing), there are many public places I cannot go.

I cannot go to my post office box to get my mail because of the smokers out front. I cannot eat at a sidewalk restaurant patio for risk of a smoker walking by. I cannot go to a park, the beach, farmers market or anywhere there are smokers.

One single breath of the cigarette poisons and it could kill me. There are options. You could “roll your own.” Organic tobacco has none of the toxic poisons that commercially-made cigarettes do. Therefore they are less addictive so you will smoke less and they are less toxic to the environment. They also don’t cause my lungs to seize.

So if you can’t quit, consider switching to something better for you and life-saving for me.

Kimberlee Turner

San Luis Obispo

Order and chaos

So, what about socialism?

If I need government services like police, fire, Medicare or Social Security, this is my right as an American citizen who pays taxes.

If you need government services like police, fire, schools, health care, unemployment benefits: this is socialism, even though you pay taxes.

In California, the state regulates building codes for safety during an earthquake: socialism. The state regulates bridge safety: socialism. The state regulates traffic laws for everyone’s safety: socialism. The list is quite lengthy.

We need to think past the sound bites from the political hacks of radio, TV and those elected. If you are 50, the first 20 years of your life were pretty good. You went to good schools, kindergarten through doctorate, if you wanted. You had relatively good health care. You had lots of good government services.

Then we had Reagan/ Clinton/Bush, deregulation, NAFTA, corporate tax breaks, “morning in America” and the trickle-down economy. Government and taxes became naughty words, incivility became rampant and attempts to bring order out of this chaos are derided as “socialism.”

Been trickled on enough yet?

Shirley Bianchi


Endless bickering

As a local citizen here on the Central Coast, I have been familiar with the city’s goings on in the county. Not just by watching these local council meetings on TV, but also attending meetings.

Lately, I have been very shocked to see the way some boards run their meetings. I don’t see anything getting done in some of these towns because of endless bickering and fights amongst themselves. My feeling is that good local government should be run by good elected officials and there are some that are not of that nature.

The only way things are going to get done is if elected officials can work together as a team and put the public’s interests first before their own. Let’s work together, county officials, and move forward in your respective cities.

Joseph Holmes

Grover Beach