Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Ronald Reagan

A biased hit piece

Your Sunday paper’s front page “commentary” about President Ronald Reagan (“Kids, here’s the real scoop on the Gipper,” April 25) would have been more appropriately placed on your editorial pages! Far from its purported purpose of “teaching” our schoolchildren about President Reagan’s life and legacy, it was instead a very biased hit piece meant to disparage his numerous significant accomplishments for both our nation and the world.

What is the purpose of Mr. Cuddy’s tirade if not to disdain the legitimacy of our state proclaiming a day to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Ronald Reagan? He served two terms as governor of our state and, as president, he reinvigorated both our nation’s economy and spirit. He was the right man at the right time to lead our nation through very challenging times. President Reagan is rated by many scholars as one of the greatest U.S. presidents.

A day to commemorate his accomplishments should be just that. I wonder if Mr. Cuddy were to write a commentary of his life and accomplishments how many “teaching moments” he would include of his own imperfections? Likely far fewer than he seems able to recall about our former president.

John Grady

San Luis Obispo

Critique on target

The Bob Cuddy commentary on a proposed Ronald Reagan Day was right on target. While I do not agree with putting opinion pieces on the front page, Cuddy stated many things that needed to be said.

As a proud, lifelong socially liberal Democrat and fiscal conservative, I feel President Reagan was responsible for the worst damage to both progressive public social policies and fiscally responsible government. His mantra that “greed is good” set up the worst financial crises since the Great Depression. His railing against “Cadillac-driving welfare queens” had little basis in fact, was mean-spirited and gave the right wing permission to conduct class warfare against the least among us.

The most badly damaged by Reagan’s policies have been his most ardent supporters, the white American middle class, the so-called Reagan Democrats. Due to his policies and their application by both Bush administrations, the incomes and financial security of these folks have been destroyed. History will judge him harshly.

John R. Hemming

Paso Robles

Telling it like it is

Wow! Bob Cuddy should get a Pulitzer or some kind of award for his article on President Ronald Reagan.

Telling it like it is, and not just the positive aspects of this man’s presidency, is the right way to tell a story. Congratulations, Bob, on great reporting.

Patrick Thomas

Pismo Beach

Shame on Cuddy

Wow! Shame on you, Bob Cuddy, for your incredibly disrespectful article on Ronald Reagan.

I guess the reason you didn’t comment on all the great things this man did was because there wasn’t enough ink in the press or space in The Tribune.

Your article literally made me sick to my stomach and brought tears to my eyes. It almost cost The Tribune my subscription. Instead, I have chosen to omit your column from my viewership. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

Diane Stockwell


Beyond belief

That Bob Cuddy would presume to be qualified or competent to comment on the Ronald Reagan presidency and for The Tribune to publish this garbage on the front page is beyond belief.

While I did not agree with many of the Reagan administration’s policies, the integrity of the man and the belief that he was doing the right thing for the country cannot be impugned. All presidential administrations have made mistakes, including the present Obama administration. They rely on information, sometimes erroneous, provided by many sources.

If we want to read anti-establishment garbage, it is available free in the New Times. The Tribune should stick to what it does best: getting the local news wrong.

Larry Green

Arroyo Grande

Much-needed lesson

Thank you, Bob Cuddy, for that much-needed lesson on Ronald Reagan.

May I add that Reagan gave us the “best presidential quote ever” (and by that I mean “absolute worst”) when, in March 1987, he finally admitted to the Iran-Contra affair in a way that only “The Great” befuddled “Comm-unicator” could: “A few months ago, I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not.”

Heather Lucio

Morro Bay

Selective memory

Thank you for putting Bob Cuddy’s column on the front page where it belongs. I do get tired of hearing people laud Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments, and when I bring up the subject of Iran-Contra, among others, they give me the deer-in-the-headlights stare.

It may be an attempt to rewrite history or maybe just an example of selective memory, but either way, it is a bit frightening, don’t you think?

“1984” indeed!

Robin Madsen

Grover Beach

Purely opinion

Why is this column on the front page? The contents are purely Bob Cuddy’s opinion of one of our fine presidents, and his comments belong on the opinion page. I am not in favor of another holiday or special day, but why use the subject to attack a man of principle and character? Yes, he made mistakes like all presidents, but he was a strong leader and respected by the rest of the world. He knew his primary responsibility was to keep our nation safe, and he did that. That included those citizens who flew.

He never personally took credit for ending the Cold War or the fall of the Berlin Wall. As for AIDS, it’s the responsibility of those in the medical research field to promote and find a cure for AIDS, cancer and other diseases. If Mr. Cuddy wants to teach kids lessons in life, why not point out courage, personal responsibility, integrity, honesty and morals? He could use President Clinton as an example.

William B. Honeycutt

Arroyo Grande

Nothing but the facts

Kudos for the front-page article on Ronald Reagan Day. Thanks, Bob. Nothing like getting the facts and nothing but the facts from our local newspaper.

And Bob only presented the short list. How about we just have Presidents Day for all the presidents?

They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but for the most part they did what they thought was right at the time — and “we” all put them in office. The facts are available to anyone willing to make the effort to read credible authoritative sources and from independent news organizations that are doing their jobs.

Thanks, Tribune. We don’t need more politicians dishing up propaganda masquerading as fact just for politics’ sake.

Bruce Mills

Paso Robles

Ongoing effort

Regarding Bob Cuddy’s recent column on Reagan’s legacy, I too have noticed the ongoing effort by some to sanitize and enshrine the late president.

Cuddy could also have mentioned Reaganomics (a Trojan horse trickle-down theory favoring the rich over the poor), financial deregulation and the Milken/Boesky junk bond scandals, unconstrained military spending, ballooning national debt and corruption scandals at HUD, the EPA and the NRC.

Kudos to Cuddy for his courage to question efforts to “canonize” President Reagan. I recommend Sleepwalking Through History,” by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Haynes Johnson, for more about the Reagan years.

Geoffrey Land

San Luis Obispo

Why on front page?

Regarding the recent article about Ronald Reagan: Did that diatribe really warrant front-page status? I know that The Tribune seems to cater to Bob Cuddy’s columns, but this one was such an attack by him on Reagan that it seriously did not seem to be something that should be on the front page, but rather with other such articles in the opinion section. Remember that this is his opinion.

Putting it on the front page gave Cuddy and the article the same weight as world news. And why isn’t world news on the front page anyway? We do not live in a vacuum here.

Please keep opinions on the opinion page.

Carol Kiessig


Liberal roots

The Tribune prides itself on being a “newspaper.” Since when does a newspaper put an opinion hit piece on the front page of the Sunday newspaper?

Yes, you list it as “commentary,” but it occupies half of the front page of the Sunday newspaper.

When will you publish a story on the front page headlined “Commentary: Kids, here’s the real scoop on John Fitzgerald Kennedy” or “Commentary: Kids, here’s the real scoop on William Jefferson Clinton” or better still, “Commentary: Kids, here’s the real scoop on Barack Hussein Obama?”

The answer, of course, is never. Your ultra-liberal roots are showing.

Abbey Silverstone

Arroyo Grande