Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/26

Faulty management

Your front page article, “Finally, a plan for the Carrizo” (April 15) told how several environmental clubs and the government have now taken over another 250,000 acres of California. Four hundred people were celebrating their good fortune at the site. The article tells how the guidelines they have set up will direct the management of this property for the next 20 years.

The government’s management of this country has so far led to a double-digit trillion dollar debt, two simultaneous wars, double-digit unemployment and an unsustainable budget deficit. Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, the post office is broke, California is broke, and the government has taken over major banks, a huge auto industry and our medical care.

These 400 people are so arrogant and out of touch that they think the government has done such a good job that they need to direct the management of another 250,000 acres of California, even though half of California is already owned by the government.

Our government has already made so many mistakes; can’t we save some for the next generation?

Robert Parkhurst


Thank you, Jamba

My mom showed me the article about Jamba Juice and how it helps local fundraisers and schools (“Decades mostly smoothie for Jamba,” April 17). We just wanted to let you know how much they helped us with our community action project to pack backpacks with supplies for homeless school children in our district.

Jamba Juice was the only chain store we asked that let us put out our collection boxes.

Between Jamba Juice on Foothill and Jamba Juice on Marsh, along with our haircutters (Studio 54 and Tiger Lily) and the PTA, we raised almost $300 in just two weeks!

We were surprised at how generous people were with their donations even in these tough times. So, thank you to everyone who donated their nickels, dimes and quarters, and thank you, Jamba Juice. Happy anniversary!

Sam Eisendrath and Madison Musgrave

Sixth-graders, Teach Elementary School

A child’s perspective

My name is Jacob, and I am 10 years old. Even at my young age, I have been feeling stress from a lack of finances lately.

My stepdad is a correctional officer at the California Men’s Colony. Last year, the government gave him (and all state correctional officers) a 10 percent pay cut. They called this “furlough days,” but he still has to work five days a week, so to our family, it is just a cut in pay. He also received another 5 percent pay cut not too long ago.

Back in January, a California judge ruled that it was illegal for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to have given them the first 10 percent pay cut.

Since then, I have heard it reported that the pay cuts are going to be reversed. However, appeals have been going back and forth between the court system and the governor.

All this does is delay the process. Now I think that Gov. Schwarzenegger’s plan in the first place was to delay the decision in court so that they would never get their pay back.

Even though the pay cut was ruled illegal, we still have not gotten a penny of it back. Because of this, many families suffer, including mine.

Jacob Racho-Luis

Grover Beach

Editor’s note: Jacob’s mom, Sarah Burd, said that she provided some assistance to her son with the terms and crafting of the letter, but the ideas were all his own.

Fix your own mess

Recently, a Tribune editorial said we need to pass a parcel tax to help the schools (“For the sake of students, consider tax,” April 20). How about wasteful spending? Maybe we should stop that first. How about eliminating travel for sports? Just have the teams play locally. If we have no money for fuel, then maybe we shouldn’t be traveling to Los Angeles to play games.

But explain to me again, with declining enrollment, bus routes eliminated and teachers and support staff losing their jobs, why did the Atascadero school district need to build a $5 million bus barn? So they can park four buses?

The way I see it, if they would have kept the $5 million, they would have money this year and nobody would have to lose their job.

No parcel tax for me. You made this mess. Now fix it.

Leroy Brown


Coaches’ stipends

In The Tribune, a Paso Robles High School coach said it was almost a slap in the face to have his stipend cut (“Stipends eliminated for all coaches,” April 16).

So, I was just wondering if he would have been happier if it was a janitor, maintenance worker or secretary that lost their job so he could still receive his stipend.

Ronald Mac