Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/24

Poor candidates

I can’t believe that anyone can take seriously the “experience” of sheriff candidates Jerry Lenthall and Joe Cortez.

Lenthall was with San Luis Obispo Police Department for 30 years (1973-2003) and yet never advanced beyond the rank of administrative sergeant.

Similarly, Cortez was a police officer for Lake County, Lakeport and Napa for 16 years (1978-1994), never advancing beyond the rank of sergeant. He then spent the next 14 years bouncing between two departments in Colorado and then Pismo Beach where he allegedly “retired” in 2008, never having commanded a department larger than even one-third that of the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Yet now we should elect one of these two as sheriff because of their “experience?” You’ve got to be kidding me.

Dan Burrell


Socialist control

There is an issue regarding the federal government takeover of student loans that I haven’t seen addressed: discrimination as to whom loans are granted.

With the federal government in charge of determining who gets loans and who doesn’t, loan applications of those pesky conservative students who oppose this administration’s steamrolling of the country toward socialism will be denied on some surreptitious basis.

Thus, leftist college professors will face fewer challengers to their liberal indoctrination and the socialists’ control of education in this country will be further enhanced.

Donald Hirt

Paso Robles

What’s next?

In 1996, my wife and I started house hunting in the San Luis Obispo area as well as the Central Coast area, chasing our dream to escape the Central Valley. We were torn between the two areas and we eventually opted for Pismo Beach.

As it turns out, that was one of our better decisions. Not only has San Luis Obispo lost all of its small-town charm, but it seems now that it is becoming a version of the old USSR. It’s now illegal to feed the ducks, make too much noise, have a gathering of more than 20 people, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween or Mardi Gras and of course, the dreaded smoking no-no.

I guess if we had bought in San Luis Obispo, we would of been taking a chance by having a family reunion (too many people).

I wonder when the barbecues at the farmers market will be shut down. All smoke has harmful carcinogens that like tobacco products, bring secondhand smoke that can cause cancer.

What’s next?

William Alexander

Pismo Beach

World of ideas

In San Luis Obispo, as I have had the opportunity to read the many works I’ve wanted to read, I’ve come to the conclusion that the world of ideas is the promised land. The times we devote to shared ideas are our lasting legacy and so proceed with diligence.

Jack Bussie

San Luis Obispo

Memory lane

David Middlecamp’s column, “Should auld confection be forgot? Not in SLO” (April 17), of Richard Chong’s homemade-candy store was, for me, a walk down memory lane.

For years, I walked from Mission Elementary Grammar School to my grandmother Virginia Rizzoli’s home at the corner of Palm and Santa Rosa streets until my parents collected me in the afternoon. Bypassing his candy store as I walked along was not possible.

The sweet fragrance of “new” candy wafting from the open front door was intoxicating and Chong’s generosity was, well, boundless.

Time passed and I was awarded my first job as a newspaper carrier for the “TT” (the Telegram-Tribune). Chong’s candy store was on my route, what a great fortune, and for a few delightful years, a regular stop.

For what seemed like endless hours, we talked about topics I no longer recall, though I do recall his voice. That I shall never forget. So thank you, Middlecamp, for calling to mind this wonderful man.

Kem Weber


Try making own meals

In response to Liz West’s Viewpoint, “Want to eat right? It will cost you” (April 16): I’m not having much sympathy. Bringing your kids to a sit-down restaurant for a snack is going to be expensive no matter what the meal, once you add in tax and tip.

A better option might be to pack your own healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, apples, cheese sticks and even broccoli with dressing to dip. Many foods today are already conveniently packaged (vegetables cut up, cheeses individually wrapped, etc.), making them a time-saver for busy parents. So no excuses there.

When you add up the cost of putting together your own snacks, I believe you will find it a lot less expensive than eating out. I suggest you pick up your kids, head to a park, take a nice long walk for exercise and picnic with the healthy snacks.

Pam Dwiggins

Paso Robles