Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/20

No integrity

Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column has me stumped (“‘Maverick’ McCain is just another in the herd,” April 18). He really thinks that John McCain’s statement, “I never considered myself a maverick,” is one of the worst losses of integrity to come out of Washington?

Why doesn’t he write about Charles Rangel, Barney Frank, John Murtha, Harry Reid, William Jefferson or Eric Massa, just to name a few? Oh, wait, Pitts is right, none of those guys lost their integrity. They didn’t have any to begin with.

Shelby Rinck

Los Osos

A good question

As a retired professor of political science, I am increasingly upset by misinformation and a negative reaction to everything the current administration tries to do. To talk about “death panels” and complete government control of health care, when private companies will actually remain in the forefront of health care insurance, is ridiculous at the minimum. Can’t we study the issues without political passion?

I am a capitalist, but “capitalism” is getting carried away with itself. In 1978, for example, CEOs of America’s largest companies earned 35 times the amount of the average worker. In the last couple of years, that figure is 500 times the amount of the average worker, according to Reuters. What do you do with $10 or $20 million dollars a year of income except live in excess?

In fact, conservatives who talk about government control seem to ignore the fact that government agencies have protected banks, big businesses and criminals like Bernie Madoff.

Who appointed the heads of the government agencies charged with monitoring these businesses over the last 10 years?

Is government protecting the average citizen or the wealthy and powerful members of our society? Good question.

Charles R. Carlson

Los Osos

Not too promising

We have all noticed the turn in our economy, and most of us see it still going downhill. In my opinion, our government is doing a poor job in getting California back on track.

Our state used to be the happy state and the state that everyone wanted to come to. Don’t get me wrong here, California is still a wonderful state, but it seems like everywhere I go, there is more road work and nice new city and county vehicles. This spending has seemed to grow since our nation has been running out of money, and little things like these are what put us into an economic crisis.

I believe that our government system should be doing a much better job then they are because we as a country do not look good. I think that everyone my age has it hard to become successful because of the trillion dollars this nation is in debt. I want to have a good country when I get older, and the way we are looking now as a country, it isn’t looking too promising for that to happen.

Doug Allred