Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/18


I am a graduate of Templeton Middle School and studied under the administration of Principal Dean Smith. I am very knowledgeable regarding the quality, care and integrity that he devoted to his job and directorship.

While it is clear that Smith’s personal relationships are complicated, it is also a fact that he did not commit any illegality. Yes, this is a scandal, but if there is no official crime, the only consequence that must be paid is to his family and loved ones.

Also, the author of the column titled, “Dean Smith case is creepy and nauseous” (April 4), has made connections beyond the reality of the situation in an attempt to shock his audience. If he had re-read “Lolita,” he would have discovered that there is a big difference between developing a relationship with a consenting adult and engaging in statutory rape with a 13-year-old.

Smith was a fantastic principal and I know for a fact that he has made a positive difference in countless lives. I am disappointed in the author, the newspaper and the community for their scandal-mongering and gratuitous defamation of character.

Cerena Ceaser

San Luis Obispo

‘Steve’s’ will save us

These days, it’s increasingly apparent that time is precious. Celebrities started it, Cher and Madonna getting it done with one name, the less fortunate J-Lo and A-Rod needing two. It’s a marketing tactic to increase exposure among the younger demographic with shorter attention spans.

Back in the day (you saw this coming), we ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken in San Luis Obispo or Atascadero, not KFC in SLO or A-Town. This newspaper used to be called the Telegram Tribune, not The Tribune or The Trib. Mother’s Tavern is Mo-Tav, the First Presbyterian Church is First-Pres and Grace Church is simply Grace.

What’s next? The United Methodist Church becoming U-Meth? Not likely. But why not modernize the names of some of the local Episcopal churches? Why waste time and ink printing up St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church when we could just call it “Steve’s?” St. Peter’s by the Sea could be “Pete’s.” I’m sure other denominations would fall right in line.

And though my curmudgeonly feathers would get ruffled if I had to walk into a building called “Steve’s” on Easter Sunday, the important thing, after all, is not the name on the building, but the message within.

Jeff Bringle

San Luis Obispo

Asking for trouble

Let me get this straight: If a guy invites 21 people over to his backyard for a birthday party, lights up a cigarette on the sidewalk outside, feeds a few ducks and texts his best friend while riding his bike, he could pay about $3,000 in fines in San Luis Obispo?

Is this correct? Thomas Mills

Paso Robles