Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Election 2010

Lenthall commands

As an army general, one of the toughest tasks is to select commanders to lead troops in war. Assessments of loyalty, integrity, ethics and motivational abilities are used. However, three other specific areas of the officer’s record are examined exhaustively: education (Have the requisites been met or is the officer a procrastinator?), past assignments (Has the officer taken on tough assignments successfully?) and potential (Does this officer possess capacity to be of greater service?).

Taken all together, the true character and worth of the officer comes out.

Jerry Lenthall has undergraduate and graduate degrees, has trained with the FBI Academy, co-founded and served as commander for the San Luis Obispo County Bomb Task Force, was commander of the SWAT team and was appointed to the Governor’s Council on Criminal Justice. He has 33 years in law enforcement and was a county supervisor. None of the other candidates even come close. That’s why I am voting for him.

I appreciate The Tribune’s willingness to lead our community via editorial endorsements. Unfortunately, you are wrong in this instance. Among all the candidates running for county sheriff, Ian Parkinson seems to be the least qualified in my opinion.

John Gong


Cortez supported

I support Peter Keith in the endorsement of Joe Cortez for San Luis Obispo County sheriff (“Cortez for sheriff,” April 2).

I know Joe and believe he far outranks all the other candidates. I am asking my friends and acquaintances to vote for him.

Henry E. “Gene” Gates

Grover Beach

Parkinson’s passion

As one of many physicians in our community supporting Capt. Ian Parkinson for sheriff, I believe that the choice for sheriff is clear. Parkinson offers a beacon of hope to a department that is in dire need of strong and selfless leadership.  

Unlike some other candidates, Parkinson is not coming out of retirement to seek office. Rather, he steps to the plate with extensive experience, a solid grasp of the issues and a fresh approach to optimizing the safety of those living in San Luis Obispo County.  

I know that my wife Nisha and I will rest a little easier at night knowing that someone with Parkinson’s passion for service and wisdom is taking the lead as the Sheriff Department’s top cop.

Yes, there are several good candidates. But there is only one who distinguishes himself by valuing community service over self-service and practical solutions over sensationalist campaign promises. 

It is for this reason that I urge you to join county supervisors, police chiefs, physicians and community leaders in voting for Ian Parkinson for San Luis Obispo County sheriff. He is the most capable choice for our county and the wisest choice for our families.

Rushdi Abdul Cader

San Luis Obispo

Cortez experienced

As we move closer to the June primary election, it is imperative that voters in San Luis Obispo County truly understand the importance of the position of sheriff.

The position of sheriff is to serve as the people’s law enforcement representative and the chief law enforcement officer of the county. This vital office requires proven experience, documented education and real leadership.

Joe Cortez is the only candidate who has actually served as chief of police and has a proven track record of success. Cortez knows the challenges he will face and is no newcomer at turning around organizations. No other candidate has these qualifications.

We represent a strong law enforcement family tradition and we know what it takes to be a successful leader. Cortez is hands down our choice for sheriff. It’s time for change ... it’s time for proven leadership ... it’s time for Joe Cortez.

Deb Annibali

Arroyo Grande

Clearest choice

It is truly commendable that The Tribune, after careful analysis and evaluative process, chose to endorse Ian Parkinson as our next sheriff. While there are others who may be qualified, it’s clear to people all over the county that Parkinson has the leadership qualities and experience to lead our county’s biggest law enforcement department. Parkinson is a person of even temperament, great character and is open to new ideas. It is clear that no other candidate can boast of being endorsed by a very large number of law enforcement officials and a bipartisan array of elected officials, all looking forward to working with him to keep our great community safe.

Please join me in voting for Ian Parkinson to be our next sheriff!

Y. Leon Maksoudian

San Luis Obispo

Achadjian not best

In response to Mike Winn’s letter supporting Katcho Achadjian for Assembly (“Count on Katcho,” March 22) and all the pork he has brought home to his district while a county supervisor: Is this really the kind of politician we need to be sending to Sacramento?

The state of California is broke, has billions of unfunded pension liabilities, a bond rating sinking faster than the Titanic and an anti-business regulatory climate that would make an octopus proud.

And then Achadjian sided with Democrats in last year’s budget battle when he voted, along with other county supervisors, to approve a list of county priorities forwarded to our representatives in Sacramento that included reducing the budget vote threshold from two-thirds to 55 percent.

Do we really want to continue to do “more of the same,” sending a career politician who as a county supervisor voted with the liberal majority more often than not, which has led to the overly restrictive land-use policies that are punishing farmers, ranchers and small businesses in the county?

We need change in Sacramento! Sending more of the same hardly seems like reform.

Terri Stricklin


Zacarias is best

I feel Hilda Zacarias is the most qualified candidate for the position of representative for the 33rd Assembly District. She is a City Council member and mayor pro tem for the city of Santa Maria. Zacarias is a former tax accountant and educator at Cal Poly and Allan Hancock College and the executive director of the Santa Barbara Family Care Center.

Zacarias is a graduate in business from Cal Poly and received a master’s degree in public advocacy and leadership from Harvard. She has served on dozens of Central Coast nonprofit boards, the Women’s Commission and Affirmative Action Commission of Santa Barbara County.

I think she would unite the 33rd Assembly District constituency and bring leadership and experience to the position. Zacarias is the type of person to unite all of the 33rd Assembly District, both North and South. She is kind, patient, very well-spoken and educated. Zacarias really cares for all the differing areas of the 33rd Assembly District.

Patrice Iqbal

San Luis Obispo