Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/17

Irrelevant fashion

In a letter to The Tribune (“Change of attire,” April 14), Mike Morgan expre-ssed his belief that had Hillary Clinton not been such a frumpy dresser in the Democratic primary, she would “have been the lesser of two evils.”

My husband often laughs at me when I comment on someone’s hair style or type of dress. I explain that it is just the writer in me noticing details. But it scares me silly, if Morgan was serious, to think that clothing or hair style should be a determining factor in choosing a candidate for whom to vote.

I am interested in candidates’ experience, their intellects, their ability to lead, their platform and their track record as related to the needs of our country. When they are speaking, I am interested in what they say and don’t give a hoot how they are dressed (although I may comment to my husband on their clothing or hair style).

Would Morgan complain about how a male candidate dressed? And why should anyone care?

Judythe Guarnera

Grover Beach

Tax proposal

When you filled out your state income tax form you may have noticed a section with a list of 15 worthy charities begging for all or a share of your little refund before you even get it.

I propose we abolish this very restricted opportunity for panhandling and replace it with two more badly needed causes.

First: The California State Treasury that is about $20 billion in the hole right now.

Second: The campaign for a state proposition to abolish the two-thirds majority requirement in both the Assembly and Senate to pass any new bill into law so that 50 percent plus one vote can get us out of our looming, tragic bankruptcy.

Starr Jenkins

San Luis Obispo

Worthy programs

Effort, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, intelligence, accountability and honesty. These are core values that have been stifled by our current political and economic systems.

That being said, I have recently had the good fortune of seeing our local teen community shine brightly in developing sound thinking and critical reasoning. Two very worthwhile programs that exist for kids today are the speech and debate competitions and the Destination Imagination programs, both of which challenge kids to think creatively and express intelligently real-world solutions and ideas to today’s challenges.

The speech and debate program at Arroyo Grande High School has had tremendous success in speech tournaments throughout the state. Likewise, the Destination Imagination program has blossomed under the kids’ creative collaborations and efforts. Some very capable and generous parent volunteers assist both programs. There are local teens in both programs who shine brightly and will represent our area in a bigger arena — perhaps on a national level.

Thank you to all of those in the local community who continue to promote creative thinking by our children. They are the key to our future. Perhaps we can learn from them.

Bruce Berlin

Arroyo Grande