Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/14

No out-of-towner

My wife and I have lived in the same home in Morro Bay since March of 1993.

We feel blessed to have an abundance of Morro Bay friends and supporters. One of our dear friends is the former dean of students at Morro Bay High School, who guided our son as a student in the mid 1990s.

He has volunteered to serve as my financial chair in my upcoming election for mayor of Morro Bay. His concern for the Morro Bay community is reflected in the Morro Bay Police Department’s Community Service Award he received “For (his) support of the Police Department and service to the residents of Morro Bay.”

Yes, he does happen to live in San Luis Obispo, but he is certainly not an “out-of-towner running this town” as suggested in a recent letter (“Politics 101,” March 27).

We thank him for being a part of our campaign.

Rick Grantham

Morro Bay

Polluting pigs

Regarding “Pigs pose a problem for hikers and steelhead trout,” April 5:

Neil Havlik is correct and the lady who witnessed the pigs caught in the trap is misguided. Wild pigs are very damaging because they root in vegetation and they have an ultra-high level of coliform bacteria in their fecal material.

One habit of pigs is to use natural waterways, and they pollute them terribly. They will root up planted areas over-night and destroy oak seedlings. They must be trapped and eliminated as Havlik suggests.

I have 40 years of experience in resource management as the department head for Natural Resource Management for the East Bay Municipal Utility District (28 years), the Contra Costa Water District (seven years) and as a self-employed natural resource management consultant (six years).

Robert C. Nuzum

Walnut Creek

Change of attire

Did anyone notice what a frumpy dresser Hillary Clinton was while she was running against Barack Obama in the Democratic primary?

Clinton dressed like Lisa Simpson of the popular TV cartoon, “The Simpsons.” Her necklaces looked like, well you know, those plastic pop bead things from years ago.

Now that Clinton is secretary of state, a transformation. No more bright colors with all the frills. No more plastic necklace. She dresses much more sophisticated and if I am not mistaken, has lost a few pounds.

Hillary, Hillary, why didn’t you dress well during the primaries?

You certainly would have been the lesser of two evils.

Mike Morgan

Los Osos

Caring for the fish

In a recent letter to The Tribune, Marianna Hargrave compared her goldfish to people living in a socialist society where they depend on others (her) for food and shelter (“Just fish in a tank,” April 4).

I have thought about this letter along with her so-called criticism of the fish. Hargrave implied that those lucky fish have big government (me) to take care of them and they do nothing and contribute nothing.

I concluded, rather, her fish live in a right-wing dictatorship where they exist for a single purpose — her pleasure. If they get sick, they get flushed. If she forgets to change the water or forgets to feed them, they die. So what, she can get some more.

She has long forgotten the responsibility she assumed when she acquired the fish. In exchange for her happiness, she would care for the fish. Her fish can never swim in a lake or stream, rather they can only swim in a drinking glass or bowl as she dictates. If she tires of them, bye-bye, and if they get sick, she can easily replace them.

Tom Martin