Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Endorsements

Lenthall right for job

I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad to be endorsed for office by The Tribune, but it may be good news for Jerry Lenthall. The two times The Tribune endorsed his opponents, he won, but when they endorsed him, he lost.

I personally believe Lenthall is the right person for the job of sheriff of San Luis Obispo County. Lenthall is a 40-year resident who served with distinction as a police officer for San Luis Obispo where he rose to the level of administrative sergeant.

He served as commander for the San Luis Obispo County Bomb Task Force, was the commander of the SWAT team and is a member of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Advisory Council.

This experience, coupled with his undergraduate degree from Cal Poly, his MBA from Redlands and his service as a San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, positions him as the most qualified candidate for the job of sheriff.

I did not always agree with Lenthall’s political decisions as supervisor, but I know him to be a man of honesty, decency and dedication who has the right mix of experience and knowledge to serve our county most effectively as sheriff. He has earned my vote!

Cindy Johnson

San Luis Obispo

Cortez for sheriff

I am endorsing Joe Cortez in his candidacy for sheriff of San Luis Obispo County.

It is essential that our county law enforcement agency be led with a directive of honesty, integrity and accountability and this is why I fully endorse Cortez.

Having a long career in public service myself, including 33 years in law enforcement, I have come to know the candidates and I feel that I am well qualified in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.

As evidenced by his education and accomplished career, Police Chief Cortez is by far the best candidate. He will bring excellent job skills, experience, accountability and fiscal responsibility to the sheriff’s office and it is these traits that will rebuild public trust.

Please join me and my family in supporting Joe Cortez for sheriff.

Mike Brennler

Retired San Luis Obispo Police Officer

Get to know Teixeira

This week I met Paul Teixeira, candidate for 4th District Supervisor.

Teixeira is a breath of fresh air. When he speaks, he looks you in the eye and is clear and honest. He answers questions directly. Teixeira is a man who is really concerned about what the people in his district think and how best to serve them.

Teixeira has served the public most of his life, here where he grew up, without seeking recognition for himself but by always seeking to do the right thing. He is the rare man whose sincerity is so transparent it comes through all the time.

I was most impressed that he is not a career politician — he doesn’t “play politics” or simply tow some political party’s line. He is an everyday working man whose concern for the 4th District is driven by what is best for all. In this time of partisan division and fighting in politics we really need a man who is not a puppet!

I encourage you to get to know Paul Teixeira for Supervisor. He has my vote, and as soon as you get to know him, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too.

Chuck Cody


Get behind Ochylski

The citizens of San Luis Obispo County’s 2nd Supervisorial District have a difficult choice to make. Both Marshall Ochylski and Bruce Gibson are experienced community leaders presently serving us in San Luis Obispo County. I voted for each one in his present position, Ochylski as a director for the Los Osos Community Services District and Gibson as San Luis Obispo’s 2nd District Supervisor.

I believe Ochylski has done an excellent job in leading the Los Osos Community Services District and brings people together. I have not been happy with Gibson’s handling of the Los Osos sewer project which has been in county hands for more than three years. Los Osos would already have a sewer system if the county had just restarted the Tri-W project.

I support Ochylski for 2nd District Supervisor. The county still has many years before a Los Osos sewer system is completed and Ochylski, as a resident of Los Osos, understands our problems better than Gibson.

Vote on June 8 for Marshall Ochylski.

Don Bearden

Los Osos

Vote for Achadjian

I have known Katcho Achadjian for more than 35 years. Achadjian attended Cuesta Community College and Cal Poly, where he graduated with a business degree.

As our County Supervisor for the last 11 (and soon to be 12) years, he has done so much for our youth and public education.

Achadjian’s accomplishments include providing Oceano with a community library, restoring the DARE vehicle for the Arroyo Grande Police Department, assisting with the founding of Nipomo High School and the Clark Performing Arts Center at Arroyo Grande High School.

Achadjian serves on the Orfalea College of Business Leadership Council for Cal Poly. He is a founding member of the health care committee that works to ensure that all children in San Luis Obispo County receive the treatment and support needed to reach their highest level of growth and development.

Achadjian was placed on the Wall of Fame for the Lucia Mar Unified School District, becoming the only elected official to receive that honor. K.H. Achadjian will be an excellent representative for the 33rd Assembly District. I am honored that I have worked with such a fine individual.

Georgie O’Conner

Arroyo Grande

Parkinson’s vision

When I met Ian Parkinson close to a decade ago, I was immediately impressed with his vision, and frankly, his “business-like” attitude.

As a technology vendor, I worked with Parkinson during the deployment of the first computer-equipped patrol vehicles in San Luis Obispo County. Shortly after the units were in service, a victim of abuse was able to rapidly identify her assailant while in the safety of a police car, leading to his apprehension.

Without the technology, the victim would have gone to the police station with the officer and reviewed mug shots. This would have delayed time in making an arrest and would have removed a patrol officer from the street. I say Parkinson’s vision had an immediate and positive impact on the protection of the community.

In my opinion, a title is inconsequential. What matters to me are integrity, trust, experience and accomplishments. Parkinson will work with the public to develop a strategic plan that will guide the future of the sheriff’s department.

He wants to improve the public trust, he wants to improve the level of service to the community and he wants to help an organization that is asking for leadership. Please join me in making him our next sheriff.

Stephen Lieberman

Grover Beach