Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/11

Shut down Oceano Dunes

I am concerned about the downwind health impacts of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. As has been shown in a comprehensive report by the Air Pollution Control District, high particulate pollution on the Nipomo Mesa is directly linked to the dust kicked up at the Oceano Dunes.

This phenomenon is easily observed from my living room window here in Oceano. On a clear day, I can see to Point Sal in the morning, but by noon, if the prevailing northwest wind is blowing, most of this dune landscape is obscured by a cloud of dust which is blowing from the dune-riding area towards the Nipomo Mesa.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, particulate matter inhaled by humans can lead to asthma, an increased risk of heart attacks, chronic bronchitis and decreased lung function. The EPA also points out that people with heart or lung diseases, children and older adults are most affected by exposure to particulate matter.

By inference, the residents of the Nipomo Mesa are exposed to these same dangers. The Oceano Dunes should be shut down until a solution can be found to stop particulate matter from blowing onto the Nipomo Mesa.

Takana Gottschalk


Potter’s legacy lauded

Phil Dirkx (“Maynard left his mark through the fair,” March 26) and David Middlecamp (“Potter’s fair was a great state fair,” April 3) wrote two excellent articles about my former boss, Maynard Potter. Potter was my boss and my friend for 30 years. We worked together through many exciting and challenging moments.

I was coordinator of promotions and publicity from 1971 to 1992 when Potter left to go into ranching in Idaho. Potter said to me many times that if the fair was to grow, we needed to bring in major musical talent.

We did and the fair is today what Potter started in 1968. His orders to me were simple: “I will secure the talent, you bring the people into the concerts.” For 18 of the 22 fairs we worked on together, all concerts were paid with advance ticket sales before the date of their concert.

The fair is in good hands today. The legacy of this fine man continues.

Russ James


Media thanked

Cynthia Lambert and AnnMarie Cornejo, thank you for your article titled “Local churches retain support” (April 3).

A recent article in the The National Catholic Reporter said they have found an ironclad rule “where there is one instance of hierarchical administrative malfeasance, there are more.”

We all can thank the investigative reporting of the news media. Reporters have brought to light on a global scale the insidious cover-up by the church. The public’s outrage has been commensurate with the hierarchy’s outrageous behavior.

This story unfolded a quarter of a century ago, lifting the veil of evil from priests to bishops to the Vatican. So far, taking the legal path, obscuring the truth, has failed miserably. All Catholics demand complete and total “confession” from the top down. Jesus wept.

Craig Kelso

Paso Robles

Duck decision denounced

Congratulations to the city of San Luis Obispo (“No free lunch for city wildlife,” April 8). How many council members does it take to tell a child: don’t feed the ducks, it is illegal? Four (Apparently, Allen Settle has better things to worry about).

When do your citizens’ pastimes become part of the environment? Or will you pass a law with fines for that too?

Todd Juel


Thanks for support

The Morro Bay Community Foundation is grateful to everyone who supported us by attending our two fundraising events held during the month of March. The scholarship program that provides funding for needy youth in Estero Bay to participate in activities provided by the Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Department realized $3,872 because of your generosity.

The Galley Seafood Grill and Bar, owned by David and Aglaja Peter, hosted the second annual Magic Night on March 1, with magician Len Cohen providing the entertainment. It was truly magical with $1,400 generated for the foundation.

The proceeds from the 21st annual Dixon’s Spaghetti Dinner, held March 26, were $2,472. It was a fun night with more than 350 dinners served, great door and raffle prizes awarded and musical entertainment provided by the Mud Skippers. It you missed it, plan on attending next year.

Thank you friends for investing in the recreational endeavors of our children by supporting these fundraising events. The foundation board is extremely appreciative.

Marlene Peter

Morro Bay Community Foundation

Leave the pigs alone

It’s not surprising to read that wild pigs have migrated into San Luis Obispo’s open-space park (“Pigs pose a problem for hikers and steelhead trout,” April 5). What is surprising is San Luis Obispo’s reaction.

To trap the animals in a cage, shoot them and then bury the carcasses is an unreasonable waste of the animal’s life. And for what purpose? So that the steelhead trout won’t have a little more silt to deal with in the creek? So that hikers won’t be surprised by the presence of wild animals in the open-space areas?

This unreasonable and protectionist logic is the same logic that resulted in the city proposing fines for anyone feeding ducks in the downtown because they put waste in the creek or Pismo Beach banning feeding pigeons on the pier because they may be adding bacteria to the ocean.

I think it is time we take a more reasonable and accepting approach to the world around us. I for one would enjoy seeing the pigs occasionally on the Johnson Ranch and like it or not, they are here to stay. Leave the pigs alone, there’s more to life and this world than steelhead.

John Moss


Keep the cart moving

To paraphrase something I first heard several years ago, “The American free enterprise system will continue to lead the world as long as those pulling the cart outnumber those in the cart.”

The recent passage of Obamacare has added 30 million Americans to the cart of entitlement and dependency on their fellow citizens.

How will those left to pull the cart respond?

We better hope that they ignore the crushing new taxes and regulation of their lives and continue to innovate and produce enough to keep the cart moving.

If they choose not to do so or are unable to do so, then the cart will grind to a halt and the great American dream is over.

The combination of bureaucrats and those dependent on government for life’s necessities will have finally overwhelmed those whose efforts create wealth and actually make this country work.

Robert Olson


Make bridge happen

Regarding the controversy over the proposed bike/pedestrian bridge over Prefumo Creek connecting neighborhoods to the Laguna Middle School and the C.L. Smith Elementary School, I would urge the city to do everything possible to make the bridge that they approved on March 16 a reality. Do not settle for the alternative route proposed along Los Osos Valley Road that is much less desirable and safe.  

The proposed bridge will get kids and locals out walking and bicycling, which is good for their health, good for the environment and good for the city.

It is good for the homeowners as well, as it has been demonstrated repeatedly that these types of paths increase property values in the surrounding neighborhoods.  

Property owners often fear these types of changes, but when interviewed after the projects are completed, say their fears turned out to be unfounded and they are glad the paths are there.

I understand that the city is considering incorporating artwork from local schoolchildren into the bridge’s design, which I think would make for a wonderful community asset and allow kids to feel that the bridge is their own. Los Osos Valley Road is for adults in cars.

Rita Colonell

San Luis Obispo