Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/8

Pitts’ point

Adrian M. Hurtado (“His liberal side,” April 6), why would Leonard Pitts Jr. say anything about Bill O’Reilly’s offer to pay the Snyder family’s imposed court costs in his column (“Warning: This column will make you furious,” April 4)?

In the spirit of being “fair and balanced,” Pitts would have to cite the more than 3,000 others who also offered to pay those costs. Pitts mentioned Sean Summers, the Pennsylvania lawyer whose free representation for the Snyder family has probably helped them more than anyone.

The point of Pitts’ column was about the deplorable actions of the Westboro Baptist Church and the ludicrous court decision. It wasn’t about some bozo TV commentator’s publicity stunt. Would you be saying the same thing if Michael Moore had offered to pay?

Laura J. Dickinson

San Luis Obispo

Why no coverage?

On Easter Sunday, the most important holy celebration of Christendom, there was not one word or photo in The Tribune of the religious significance of this holy day to the vast majority of Americans. I have lived in many different countries in the world over my lifetime but this is the first time that there was no religious photo or mention of this day.

However, when there is a pilgrimage to Mecca by our Muslim friends, you never fail to write at length about the endeavors with photographs.

Is this what the words “politically correct” mean? To erase from our minds and memories any religious orientation for our children and grandchildren, including traditions? Or will the time come when we have to hide our religious affiliations?

Gabriela Silverstone

Arroyo Grande

Two-nation answer

There appeared to be a glimmer of hope when Vice President Joe Biden went to Jerusalem to attempt to push forward the peace talks, however the powers behind the throne in Jerusalem had other ideas — the desire to push for some 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem.

This nearsighted policy will slow down or even halt the peace talks and could heighten the threat to Israeli security.

President Barack Obama must become more forceful with Israel, demanding not only a halt to more houses in the West Bank, but also that discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas should begin. To continue the close-minded policy of the last administration certainly will never bring about a viable peace process.

Everyone should write their congressperson and also the president and demand that the continuation of this “soft” approach with Israel that has been in place for years must be changed to one that aggressively states that a two nation-state solution is the answer with Israel removing those illegal settlements that have been in place since 1965.

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande