Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/6

Prefer to have not

On April 1, Alan Anderson said he bet all the folks that inveigh against health care have good medical plans and have not been denied coverage (“Haves, have nots”).

He figures most folks for the plan have no insurance or are paying exorbitant fees for substandard coverage. He is far wrong in my circumstance. While current health care leaves heaps to be desired, I detest the current bill. The truths and consequences of the 2,000-plus-page bill are just beginning to be known and felt. 

Too bad there is not a way that folks who want it can “have it” with all its results, while folks against it could “have not” any part of its results. 

Kitt Jenae


Solving nothing

When all you can offer is screaming anger to rile up the public to your side of an issue, it seems like the last resort of a sore loser who couldn’t come up with a positive way of offering better ideas to an enormous, difficult problem that they continuously chose to ignore when in power, solving nothing.

Helen A. Way

Paso Robles

Library support

During the winter months, the Friends of the Shell Beach Library sponsors a winter reading program for adults in which participants challenge themselves to read eight books in specific genres. Sometimes this can be a real stretch, but we have a lot of fun.

A large part of the credit for the program’s success lies with the individuals and businesses who donate prizes for those who complete the program. This year our theme was “Snack on a Good Book,” and most of our prizes reflected that theme.

Our thanks to Shelley Aleshire, Alex’s BBQ, Collette Blair, artist Judy Chapel, Stephanie Ewen, artist Deb Festa, the Friends of the Shell Beach Library, the Shell Beach Deli, Trader Joe’s and Zorro’s. Your support of our library and its programs is very much appreciated.

Cathy Marvier

Branch Manager, Shell Beach Library

His liberal side

For once, I have to agree with a commentary written by Leonard Pitts Jr. What is happening to the Snyder family is deplorable (“Warning: This column will make you furious,” April 4).

However, it is too bad that Pitts neglected to mention that Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly has offered to pay (if he hasn’t already) the $16,500 court costs imposed on the Snyder family.

Showing his liberal side, it appears to me that Pitts disregarded the humanitarianism of O’Reilly because of his conservative views. Tell the whole story, Leonard, or don’t tell it at all.

Adrian M. Hurtado