Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/3

Debt reduction

Whereas in the opinion of many congressmen on both sides of the aisle that the United States’ national debt has become an intolerable burden to our children and grandchildren, it is urgently necessary for Congress to take action to alleviate this situation.

I suggest that a law be created that would enable the Social Security Administration to deduct 1 percent of every check mailed each month to be deposited into a special account called “National Debt Reduction.” This account could be used periodically to reduce the debt.

Max Helf

San Luis Obispo

Done that

Jerry Brown for governor?  Been there, done that! How many pensions does he need?

Edith E. Welter


Some questions

With regard to military tribunals, enemy combatants and torture, I have several questions. I am a citizen of this country and a civilian (not a police officer or a member of the military).

If Iraq invaded the United States (because we have weapons of mass destruction), thereby turning San Luis Obispo into a “battlefield,” could their soldiers break into my house, designate me an “enemy combatant” and then detain me, imprison me in another country and torture me?

Another question: If waterboarding isn’t torture, why do it?

Lee Van Leeuwen

San Luis Obispo

Just in time

If Armageddon is coming, as Congressman John Boehner warns, then the Democrats passed the health care bill just in time.

Jim Carlisle