Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/1

Who drew cartoon?

I would like to comment on the political cartoon in the Opinion section on March 31.

I don’t know just whose “opinion” is represented here but I for one find it the nastiest, most disgusting and biased cartoon I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few.

I am not sure exactly what is supposed to be depicted here. I can only assume that it is meant to be anti-right with Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and a bunch of kill signs. Not sure what the gas represents. What I find most interesting, try as I might, I cannot read just who drew this mess. I can barely make out “Tribune ... something, something corporation,” so I guess the credit lies with you.

Dumping Bill O’Reilly was bad enough. I can believe that your paper now leans far, far to the left. Any more dirty shots like this and you will lose me as a subscriber of your incredibly shrinking newspaper.

What happened to “fair and balanced reporting”?

Dorothy Hull


Editor’s note: The cartoon was created by Chris Britt of the State Journal-Register of Springfield, Ill., and is distributed by Creators Syndicate.

Just being ‘fair’

A suggestion was made in a March 30 letter to the editor that whenever The Tribune prints an opinion from The New York Times, there should also be an opinion from a conservative on the page (“Suggestion for page”).

Recently, The Tribune has had opinions from liberal columnists like Leonard Pitts Jr., Nicholas D. Kristof, Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman and Gail Collins.

If The Tribune were to add one of the suggested conservatives, Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams or Star Parker, to the Charles Krauthammer opinion pieces, that could tip the “balance.”

It requires at least four or five liberal columnists to counter the impact of one of these conservatives. The Tribune is just being “fair.”

Madalyn McDaniel


Support teachers

I am writing this letter to support the credentialed teachers of Achievement House because they have all been pink slipped. This means that the clients of Achievement House, the developmentally disabled adults, will no longer have credentialed teachers to support them.

The students who are most at risk deserve educated teachers who understand their disabilities and who are skilled to handle their specific challenges. It is our job as a society to help the neediest individuals. Achievement House gives their adult population self esteem and dignity.

To be on the right side of this fight, support the credentialed teachers of Achievement House.

Barbara Babka


Misleading praise

It’s commendable to find ways to save the county money every day of the week, especially in this time of severe budget constraints. But in the case of The Tribune’s support of decreasing the salary for the veterans service officer, the kudo is misleading (“Discrepancy catch equals big savings,” March 12).

San Luis Obispo County has an estimated 25,000 military veterans. You will be hard pressed to find another county in California with a greater concentration of veterans or as many veterans buildings in use, many of which were built with donations secured by veterans themselves.

This county may have been paying more for that position than Santa Barbara, but the two counties differ in many ways. One of them is that the person taking over the presently vacant position in San Luis Obispo County will have a much greater number of clients to serve than the counterpart in Santa Barbara. Would you pay the San Luis Obispo County administrator the same as they do in Modoc, Inyo or San Benito counties?

Barbara Wolcott

San Luis Obispo

Traveling travesty

I was flabbergasted at the article on California legislators’ travel and the fact that we have no right to know the details of that travel, even though we pay for it (“Lawmakers’ travel data kept secret,” March 18).

And the reason we have no right to know has to do with security for the legislative crooks. I mean, for goodness sake, they get paid even when they don’t balance and pass a budget.

What employer would approve an employee’s travel reimbursement without knowing where they went? At any city council meeting, council members approve all expenditures and can ask about things they don’t understand. They can even view the actual bill/payment. Any city resident in attendance can also view this information.

So why can’t taxpayers footing the bills for legislators to travel know when and where they traveled? We have a right to know what we are paying for.

Sharon Roberts


Bring in the girls

The Catholic Church employs men as “fathers,” yet forbids them becoming one. Requiring priests to be unmarried encourages deviancy in a culture of ancient traditions and sacrificial lambs.

Wearing a frock emasculates a man, it does not neuter him. Pedophilia has thrived where testosterone has been suppressed and pedophiles have used the vow of celibacy as their means to an end. The House of Peter has become just that.

Through a haze of incense and fallible judgments, the church has tried to contain its secrets and sins by transporting criminal priests around parishes as if they were salvageable and the children expendable.

The prelates responsible for these unconscionable moves were rewarded and promoted by papacies that feign ignorance. Little boys are not fodder for men of the cloth, and wearing vestments exonerates no one from legal prosecution.

A church doctrine of celibate men in skirts being in charge of a patriarchy is as much a contradiction as a failure. The Vatican is under public censure, the pews are emptying and the sordid tales keep emerging. For God’s sake, bring in the girls. I’ve never known a losing football team to throw an “Our Father” pass.

Mary Alice Altorfer

Paso Robles

The way it used to be

Regarding the proposed Centennial/City Hall project in the Village of Arroyo Grande:

When you visit the “village” of Avila Beach today, do you wish it were still the way it was before?

Darlene Mack

Arroyo Grande

Thanks from scouts

Templeton Boy Scout Troop 434 would like to thank Applebee’s restaurant in Paso Robles and all the people who purchased tickets for our benefit.

On Feb. 27, Applebee’s sponsored a pancake breakfast to benefit Troop 434 for the Scouts Summer Camp. The Scouts sold tickets to many people who attended the breakfast.

Applebee’s General Manager Derek Williams and Perry the cook showed up on their own time to cook and assist us with this benefit. The Scouts worked as waiters, servers and busboys, which exposed them to a great work experience.

Thanks again to Applebee’s and all who attended for your time and generosity. It truly is a privilege to live in North County.

Monica Swift

Templeton Troop 434